Day: September 6, 2021

Fashion Week’s Coolest Street Style Stars Are Behind-the-Scenes

New York Fashion Week is coming up on September 8, with all eyes on the clothing on and off the runway. 

Attendees tend to go to the shows dressed to impress in their finest designer goods. The VIP guests always jumpstart some new trend or breakout piece, like that 2019 season when everyone wore the Bottega heels. Yet, behind the scenes, fashion publicists—as in, the clipboard and earpiece-clad professionals who organize and run the shows—are just as chic (though they often eschew the spotlight). One of the reasons they’re hard to spot come showtime is because of the industry standard, all-black uniform they wear while ushering in important guests—but these eight publicists rise above the standard and consistently embody their personal style on the job. 

Their fashion aesthetics range from the artistic (Comme des Garçons’ head of communications and marketing, Daphne Seybold, for instance, sports the label’s voluminous wears

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Diddy Teases Billion-Dollar ‘Mature & Sexy’ Business Venture

Family man, Diddy was in Venice last week, supporting his model-daughters and now he’s hinting at a new venture he’s planning with his mother!

Diddy spent some time poolside with his beloved mother recently and took the time to tease a new business venture he is working on.  

Posting on his Instagram stories yesterday, the multi-talented businessman took to showing off his mother, Janice Coombs, while sharing the news.  

“Look at her, look at her. That’s my mama. Go, mama! God is so good that I get to have this moment with you and you flyer than a mothaf***er,” he says proudly while Mama Coombs poses for the camera. 

He then tells her, “Yo, ma we about to get into business. We about to start making all products for everybody and it’s a little bit more mature and sexy. We gonna make a billion-dollar industry baby. I want you to

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Holding a Bottle of Topo Chico

Like a Prada Cleo bag, but $2,396 cheaper.
Photo: James Bee

The moment’s most important fashion accessory is svelte and transparent in design, costs less than $4, and makes you burp: Topo Chico. I first spotted the sparkling water in the hands of my most fashionable friends back in May, and it has since taken over the city’s streets, clubs, bodegas, even Gossip Girl’s fictional social club, Dumbo Hall.

Topo Chico isn’t exactly new. With origins dating to 1895 in Monterrey, Mexico, the mineral-water was a Texas cult favorite; it was purchased by the Coca-Cola Company in 2017 for a refreshing $220 million and is now available in all 50 states. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Topo Chico in the wild. I was at Honey’s in Bushwick, and my friend Kim Possible (not her real name, but she does have red hair and looks impossibly good

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Leiomy Maldonado and Junior Mintt on Their Lives in Beauty

Left: Junior Mintt. Right: Leiomy Maldonado.
Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photo of Maldonado: Quil Lemons; Photo of Mintt: Courtesy of the Subject

Leiomy Maldonado and Junior Mintt are part of the beauty industry, but they are not of it — they are two Black trans women who have helped to shape it. “I’ve learned that in the beauty industry, a lot more people are focused on the industry and not the beauty,” Junior Mintt tells me over Zoom when the three of us talk. “And the thing about beauty is that it involves humanity. It involves people seeing us as full-fledged individuals.”

Maldonado has made a name for herself as a global Afro–Puerto Rican vogue dancer, choreographer, and artist — and she’s far from done. She was exposed to the world of voguing at a young age, inspired by the chef she saw twirling at the Kips Bay Boys &

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