How to style neon this summer

It’s official: All of the fashion trends you thought you’d never see again are making a comeback. From Y2K-inspired fashion to mom jeans, the fashion trends we grew up on are now suddenly trendy again.

The one trend we thought was gone for good? Neon. We spotted some celebrities such as P!nk and Hilary Duff in some bright pink ensembles and had a feeling neon might be the next big thing — but then our very own Sheinelle Jones donned a bright neon sweater, and we knew it was official.

Neon wasn’t always the easiest thing to style back then, so luckily Jill Martin stopped by the 3rd hour of TODAY to share all of the ways you can style it now. From bold sneakers and chic accessories to makeup and even bagels, Jill has all of the items you’ll want in your wardrobe this summer.

Otto Cap

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Please Take This Fashion Advice from Lesbians

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Illustration: Helen Frost

Until relatively recently, a stereotype persisted that gay men dress well and lesbians do not. We’re the ones with the plaid shirts and awkward beanies, while they run fashion magazines and know far too much about scarves. It’s presumably why Lesbian Eye for the Straight Guy never made it past the pitching stage.

But pre-2010s stereotypes are wrong: lesbians have historically had exceptional style. Tailored suits are our forte. We wore Birkenstocks and mullets before they were cool. We look fitter than any other demographic in a turtleneck. We also inherently understand what lots of straight guys do not: that everyone looks good in a white vest or T-shirt and properly fitting jeans.

Indeed, if there is one group best suited to advise straight men on fashion, it is probably lesbians. We’re more objective than the people who fancy them, many of us know our way around

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Meet the Visionaries of Beauty

The Glow Up 50The Glow Up 50Our annual celebration of the black tastemakers, trendsetters and innovators elevating the world of style.

The category is: Beauty. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the influence of Black aesthetics upon the beauty industry is unquestionable. Also indisputable is the impact of this year’s TGU 50 Beauty honorees, ten incredible artists, entrepreneurs, advocates and activists (or all of the above) who have changed the face of beauty—literally.

Whether diversifying the shelves of major retailers, disrupting the beauty industry or beautifying some of the world’s most famous faces, this year’s honorees are ensuring that Black beauty—and Black beauty creatives—get the recognition and respect they deserve…and we’re proud to be in the chorus singing their praises.

Illustration for article titled The Glow Up 50 2021: Meet the Visionaries of Beauty

Photo: Stefanie Keenan for L’Oréal Paris (Getty Images)

Autumn Moultrie

Whether you know it or not, Los Angeles-based makeup artist Autumn

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Ex-FIT dean says school made her scapegoat in ‘racist’ scandal

An ex-dean of the Fashion Institute of Technology claims that she was made to be a scapegoat in a school scandal after a black model came forward with accusations that a school runway show was racist, new court papers show.

Ousted dean Dr. Mary Davis filed a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit Friday alleging that FIT President Joyce Brown threw her under the bus and defamed her days after The Post revealed that black model Amy Lefevre was allegedly pressured to wear oversized “monkey ears”, red lips and bushy eyebrows that were “clearly racist” — though Lefevre ultimately walked the runway without them.

On Feb. 21, 2020, Brown announced she was placing Davis and MFA Fashion Design Department chair Jonathan Farmer on leave while they investigated the incident.

Brown said in the same statement that “those in charge of and responsible for overseeing the show failed to recognize or anticipate the

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