FX’s Adaptation Focuses on Desire and Little Else

As we saw with Netflix’s remake of “Rebecca” a few months ago, finding a new way to tell a tale already identified with a master filmmaker is tough. It’s a feeling that immediately washes over you during the first episode of FX and the BBC’s miniseries “Black Narcissus.” An adaptation of Rumer Godden’s 1939 novel, it will be hard for those going in to not compare it to the landmark 1947 film adaptation of Godden’s novel directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. But even those entering this series with no prior knowledge of the film will have trouble connecting to its quiet, overly contemplative retelling.

Set in the 1930s, we meet Sister Clodagh (Gemma Arterton) who, along with three other women from her order, are tasked with turning a Himalayan palace into a school and hospital. Upon arrival the nuns soon discover the isolated mountain-top locale once

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‘We need to keep our cool’

Salma Hayek (Screenshot: Salma Hayek via Instagram)
Salma Hayek meditates at the beach in new photos shared to social media. (Screenshot: Salma Hayek via Instagram)

Salma Hayek continues to live her best life in 2021.

The 54-year-old actress shared yet another bikini photo on Tuesday. Posing both in and out of the water beachside, apparently finding zen in both places, she wrote, “We need to keep our cool.”

The Mexican actress and producer wore a black string bikini for the meditation Instagram shoot — and her followers couldn’t get enough. One commenter wrote, “I want to be you when I grow up — or now.” Another put, “You’re rocking 2021 so far girl.” And yet another posted, “Damn woman! 🔥🔥🔥 and you’re in your mid 50s. Wow!”

Hayek has been rocking 2021, ringing in the new year on a beach vacation, while sharing several swimsuit pix along the way. Over the weekend, she also celebrated 17

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This is How Beauty Products Have Helped These Trans Women Express Their True Selves

Love In Color is a weekly series that celebrates Pride Month by showcasing the beauty of self-expression through makeup and fashion. We’re highlighting style’s importance to the LGBTQ community, from the outfits that made queer youth feel seen for the first time to the stories of drag queens who use makeup to express their identities. 

Beauty products can have a lot of power: A swipe of lipstick can help you feel ready to take on a big meeting, applying a sheet mask after a long day can feel like the ultimate form of self-care, and a spritz of perfume can make you feel confident before a first date. For those who love beauty products, whether that means rocking a glam look to the gym or splurging on a luxury moisturizer, the power these products have is not only acknowledged but embraced. Beauty products can serve as a medium for

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Great Digestive Tract Cleaning Ways

Colon and Intestines are section of your body procedure and keeping it apparent is a wellness advantage to us. Utilizing a colon washing is a great method for making the human body healthful. Washing might help expel collected wastes from the intestines. An all-natural cleanup complement is a good aspect in reducing significant ailments which could sometimes find yourself impacting your digestive tract. Digestive enzymes will undoubtedly be always included by way of a colon detoxification package, certain and probiotic herbs which are beneficial because it relates to damage bloodsuckers and unwanted organisms which may perhaps maybe not be beneficial to our wellbeing. Cleaning can help lessen stagnation in the alimentary canal and because it speeds the ongoing action of the waste materials from the human anatomy this really is essential. This can help eliminate the compound from the colon and the entire alimentary system. That whole method must certanly … Read More