Lana Rae shows off Preakness fashion trends

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Early Voting wins the 147th Preakness Stakes.

PHOTO: AP Photo/Julio Cortez

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Behind the scenes

WBAL-TV Preakness coverage

PHOTO: WBAL-TV\Jacob Sexton

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PHOTO: WBAL-TV\Jacob Sexton

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The Woodlawn Vase from afar


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The official numbers are in for Baltimore — the official weather station at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport fell one degree short of setting a record high temperature Saturday. Does that make it feel any cooler for you??


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Jim McKay Turf Sprint

Carotari wins the Jim McKay Turf Sprint.

PHOTO: Maryland Jockey Club

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Preakness Music and Arts Festival in Park Heights


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Preakness Music and Arts Festival in Park Heights


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Preakness Music and Arts Festival in Park Heights


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Preakness Music and

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Julia Fox Goes Grocery Shopping in Underwear

Julia Fox isn’t afraid of freezer burn. On May 15, Fox was spotted grocery shopping in Los Angeles, but instead of sweatpants and a messy bun, the model stepped through the automatic doors in a set of matching lingerie. As she ran her errand, Fox was dressed in a black bra with white elastic and a matching pair of underwear layered under a denim blazer. She styled the look with her signature jean purse, a pair of ruched denim boots, and black sunglasses.

As photos of Fox’s unconventional grocery-shopping look circulated online, fans were quick to express their disbelief over the risqué ensemble. “Oh sure, when Julia Fox goes grocery shopping in her underwear, she’s a fashion icon. But when I do it, I’m ‘no longer welcome in Whole Foods,'” one person tweeted on Monday.

“I just think that if it’s socially acceptable at the beach it should be the

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Top Eye Makeup Products to Try

It is said that the eyes are the features of your face from where your soul can be seen. Being so mush important features of your face, they deserve to be treated well and their treatment is the best eye makeup. Your eyes cannot be enhanced by just a pair of falsies or an eyebrow brush, but it also requires a little eye makeup. When you wear make-up on your eyes it affects your overall look and the way you feel. There is a large variety of eye make-up products available in the market so it depends on your choice that which look you want for yourself.

Some women want a bold look that comes with the pigmented colors across the lids or some may like a little flick of eyeliner or mascara. When you go for the right eye makeup product, it will enhance your overall natural beauty. Below … Read More