Esthetician launches line of lip gloss

Whether Darika Marie Williams does your nails or eyelashes, she’ll spend the session raising your energy with the hope you’ll spread “good vibes” to others once you leave her chair.

“My goal is to rekindle every strong woman’s high vibration using beauty, mind and soul,” Williams said. “Because when you feel so beautiful, you can make somebody else feel beautiful too.”

Long eyelashes are her signature look, people constantly stop to ask her where she gets them done.

“You know when you love something how you can talk about it so passionately?” Williams said. “I realized every time somebody would ask me about them, I was selling them.”

Entrepreneur Darika Marie Williams models her nails and lashes on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021 at her apartment in Battle Creek, Mich. When the pandemic hit Michigan, the 25-year-old esthetician focused her energy on launching a line of lip gloss and charm bangles.

So the 25-year-old from Battle Creek earned her esthetician license at the end of 2019. She worked third shift at CVS pharmacy as she built a steady base of clients for her beauty services.

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Michigan.


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6 mistakes to avoid when comparing car insurance quotes online

Shopping for car insurance online is fairly easy, with few forms to fill out. But to compare insurers and get the very best rates, you’ll want to avoid these six mistakes. (iStock)

Shopping online for car insurance quotes is a fairly easy process. Generally, insurers look at a few common factors but might have their own magic formula for setting rates. That means the same driver may get quotes that are nothing alike.

To get the best rates possible, avoid these costly errors when comparing car insurance quotes online. And, because comparison shopping takes time, check out Credible’s partners to eliminate the time-consuming part of your search.

Avoid these mistakes when comparing auto insurance

Car insurance companies have different types of insurance coverage and rates vary, so you’ll want to do your due diligence when taking a look at quotes online. Here are six mistakes you should

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Historic Warsaw store, seeking rebirth, hit by pandemic

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The Jablkowski Brothers Department Store was once a Warsaw landmark that revolutionized shopping and brought goods to a modernizing society in the early 20th century. But unlike Harrods in London and other Western counterparts, the business was forced into bankruptcy and seized by Poland’s communist regime that took power after World War II.

When communism fell in 1989, the Jablkowski family heirs began a long legal struggle to regain their properties. They were preparing to launch when the coronavirus pandemic hit, dealing one more blow to a family business that has seen a history of hardship mirroring Poland’s adversities.

“The pandemic hit us in a moment when we were almost ready to go,” Monika Jablkowska, one of the heirs, told The Associated Press.

The pandemic has created new uncertainty because it has accelerated a trend toward online shopping, leaving questions about what kind of in-store retail

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NYC’s Style Set Is Betting Big on These 11 Fall Fashion Trends

All around the world, people love, live, and breathe fashion; it has no boundaries. But there are specific cities that are known for being fashion hubs. It’s impossible to deny the influence of the street style scene in Paris, Hong Kong, and Copenhagen, but New York City’s fashion set has always been at the forefront of trends. Just look at the receipts: the championing of the Bushwick Birkin before it was a global phenomenon or the plethora of emerging fashion brands that call NYC home. Love it or hate it, if a trend can make it in this city, it can make it anywhere. So since we want to know which fall trends are worth adopting, we have to take it to the streets and pick the minds and mood boards of New York’s most fashionable residents. Ahead, 18 stylish women share which NYC fall fashion trends

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