Month: November 2020

Black Beauty Vloggers Want to Be Seen. Equally.

One of the cornerstones of YouTube happens to be its community of beauty vloggers. These beauty-obsessed, video-loving aficionados have developed an entire phenomenon and key demographic for YouTube views, which makes sense given the multibillion-dollar industry that is cosmetics and beauty.

Beauty vloggers are able to build entire independent businesses off of their success ranging from product placements, to brand partnerships, and affiliate marketing. However, a quick look at the roster of the most featured beauty vloggers on fashion magazine websites and in brand campaigns will find that there is a dearth of Black beauty vloggers present.

Amid the calls for more racial diversity at fashion and beauty companies this year, Black beauty vloggers have begun speaking out and demanding the representation that their non-Black counterparts have often received. While it is easy to say, “Let’s have more Black representation,” Black beauty video creators need the subscriptions, brand partnerships,

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Jennifer Lopez poses head to toe naked on new album cover

Photo credit: Instagram/jenniferlopez
Photo credit: Instagram/jenniferlopez

From Cosmopolitan

After teasing her new bob haircut yesterday, Jennifer Lopez has revealed her upcoming album cover, which shows her completely naked. Like, completely naked.

The singer has been teasing her ninth studio album, In The Morning, on Instagram, and it’s safe to say her 133million followers are pretty shook. “Surprise! Here’s the official cover art for #InTheMorning ✨ Single drops Friday ✨📸: @mertalas & @macpiggott,” she wrote.

The photo shows the singer stark naked, leaning forward with one hand (massive engagement ring in shot) on her thigh, and the other on her face. Wow.

“If this doesn’t break the internet nothing will 🤣,” one fan wrote, while Rita Ora added, “Legend 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼”

Someone else commented, “Power. Beauty. Strength. Woman.” while another fan put, “Goals and respect for life. So many years have gone by and yet, here you are continuing to be better every year. That’s

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‘Black Beauty’ review: Disney+ update an uplifting horse story

For more than a century, every generation has had its cinematic adaptation of “Black Beauty,” and while the new Disney+ version switches the genders of the magnificent horse as well as the young protagonist and moves the locale from the English countryside of the late 19th century to the American West of today, it’s thematically and spiritually faithful to Anna Sewell’s timeless classic, from the horse serving as narrator to the episodic nature of the storyline to the powerful and still-relevant message about humane treatment of animals — and the undeniably healing and lasting dynamic between human and creature.

I loved this movie. Yes, it’s an unapologetically sentimental, anthropomorphic, family-friendly, sugar-sweet story aimed squarely at the younger members of your brood — and stop me if you think there’s anything wrong with that. This is

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FX’s Adaptation Focuses on Desire and Little Else

As we saw with Netflix’s remake of “Rebecca” a few months ago, finding a new way to tell a tale already identified with a master filmmaker is tough. It’s a feeling that immediately washes over you during the first episode of FX and the BBC’s miniseries “Black Narcissus.” An adaptation of Rumer Godden’s 1939 novel, it will be hard for those going in to not compare it to the landmark 1947 film adaptation of Godden’s novel directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. But even those entering this series with no prior knowledge of the film will have trouble connecting to its quiet, overly contemplative retelling.

Set in the 1930s, we meet Sister Clodagh (Gemma Arterton) who, along with three other women from her order, are tasked with turning a Himalayan palace into a school and hospital. Upon arrival the nuns soon discover the isolated mountain-top locale once

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