Day: November 30, 2020

Black Beauty Vloggers Want to Be Seen. Equally.

One of the cornerstones of YouTube happens to be its community of beauty vloggers. These beauty-obsessed, video-loving aficionados have developed an entire phenomenon and key demographic for YouTube views, which makes sense given the multibillion-dollar industry that is cosmetics and beauty.

Beauty vloggers are able to build entire independent businesses off of their success ranging from product placements, to brand partnerships, and affiliate marketing. However, a quick look at the roster of the most featured beauty vloggers on fashion magazine websites and in brand campaigns will find that there is a dearth of Black beauty vloggers present.

Amid the calls for more racial diversity at fashion and beauty companies this year, Black beauty vloggers have begun speaking out and demanding the representation that their non-Black counterparts have often received. While it is easy to say, “Let’s have more Black representation,” Black beauty video creators need the subscriptions, brand partnerships,

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