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‘The beauty industry is failing women with dark skin. And it needs to change.’

'The beauty industry is failing women with dark skin. And it needs to change.'

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‘The beauty industry is failing women with dark skin. And it needs to change.’

I’ve been into beauty since the first time I saw my mum look into her compact mirror and apply a generous swipe or two of lipstick. The shade she had on was called ‘crimson’. She got it from Myer back when they were called Grace Brothers and it was her favourite shade – she had multiples. 

I recall her mentioning that the reason she loved it was because it was the perfect shade for black women. I nodded back then, not completely understanding the connotation. 

Little did I know some twenty years later, I’d be dealing with the same lack of options for women of colour.

So, what does it look like to be failed by the beauty industry?

It looks like going to Priceline and seeing absolutely no shades darker than

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What is beauty? Latina athletes discuss struggles and expectations

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, ESPN recently gathered five Latina athletes at a New York City beauty salon to discuss standards of beauty within the world of sports.

The athletes who convened with ESPN’s all-female team to share their stories consisted of Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza, UFC bantamweight Joselyne Edwards, Rio 2016 tennis gold medalist Monica Puig, Paralympic sitting volleyball gold medalist Nicky Nieves, and NCAA champion gymnast Luisa Blanco. They shared their experience in an effort to redefine expectations, and in doing so demonstrated the beauty and strength that define each one.

“I loved having genuine conversations and exchanging experiences,” Puig said. “Each one of us has something wonderful inside of us, and it was incredible to

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Inside my beauty bag video

Beauty is not just doing your make-up, it’s bigger than that,” muses Ana de Armas in this exclusive video with Bazaar. “It includes good sleep, having a routine, mindfulness, exercise and nutrition – all of those things that make you feel good, completely.”

The Cuban-Spanish actress can currently be seen in cinemas playing one of Hollywood’s most iconic roles, the Bond woman. She’s speaking to us in London, when she arrived for the UK premier of No Time To Die where she stars alongside Daniel Craig as the franchise’s famed secret agent.

b2539456rc2james bond daniel craig and paloma ana de armas inno time to die an eon productions and metro goldwyn mayer studios filmcredit nicola dove© 2020 danjaq, llc and mgm  all rights reserved


When it comes to the construction of a character such as this (and the many she’s played prior), the actress explains that “make-up is essential” – and one of the first things she considers when taking on a persona. “I think it gives you a lot of information about that character,” she says,

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What It’s Like To Be A Beauty Influencer Over The Age Of 45

It’s not news to anyone that women have to prove their worth at almost every stage in their lives. While it’s already challenging enough for women to claim their rightful place in professional fields that are saturated with men, the struggle is also there within their own community, especially in the world of beauty influencers.

The value of beauty bloggers and influencers has historically been dictated by a woman’s age, with younger women attracting most of the lucrative work in the field. So what’s it like once those young women grow up and want to continue their life’s work at a more advanced age?

We talked with fabulous beauty bloggers and influencers over the age of 45 who are #proaging, slaying their professional game and influentially educating everyone on what it’s like to age gracefully and naturally. Here’s what they have to say about their journey in the beauty industry.

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