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The 18 Best Subscription Boxes for Women in 2022

There are so many subscription boxes out there, it’s hard to know where to start. We’re talking subscription boxes for makeup, alcohol, books, dog toys—you name it, there’s a subscription box for it. Initially beauty-centric, subscription boxes have evolved over the past few years, and now there are niche boxes and services offering weekly, monthly, and quarterly packages for anyone and everyone.

A great gift for yourself or someone else, subscription boxes give you a chance to try out new products and brands that have already been tested and loved, so you know they’re the best. Marie Claire loves a good subscription box, so consider this a gift from us: our round-up of the best subscription boxes for women. Every one is worth more than the subscription cost, and boasts products you’ll want to restock over and over again.


The Supreme of subscription boxes, Fabfitfun is more than

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The 7 Best New Year 2022 Amazon Deals, According to a Shopping Editor

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As a shopping editor, I report on the best shopping events throughout the year and Amazon’s big New Year sale is one of them. As expected, it’s a great time to score savings on fitness gear, wellness items, and other New Year resolution must-haves, but there’s more. With deals on beauty products, fashion finds, kitchen gadgets, and home goods, you can score savings on all kinds of great finds.

January means that winter is officially here and considering how much time I typically spend indoors during the season, I’m planning to tackle a few home projects that will make my space look clean and feel cozy. Freeing up space in my closet and then giving it an overhaul will be easy with

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Model pushes back against criticism of her ‘slanted eyes’

A Chinese model at the center of an ongoing controversy about beauty standards and Western stereotypes in China has clapped back at critics taking a jab at her “slanted eyes.”

Driving the news: The model, who goes by the professional name Cai Niang Niang, appeared in a 2019 ad for a local snack brand called Three Squirrels. Photos from that campaign recently resurfaced on Chinese social media, drawing criticism for its supposed negative portrayal of Chinese women.

  • The photos show Cai holding products from the company. One of them contained portraits of Mao Zedong printed on a bowl and a cup.

  • Critics reportedly argued that the photos were feeding into Western stereotypes about Chinese people, which, in this case, is having “slanted eyes.” Some also alleged that Three Squirrels violated advertising laws for using Mao’s images.

  • Some specifically criticized the company for making Cai’s eyes “more slanted” with makeup.

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Cicely Tyson: The Actor Who Redefined Black Characters and Black Beauty

It was an important realization. My early ambition was to be an actor, and the few Black women I saw on TV and in movies — Diahann Carroll, Nichelle Nichols — were glamorous, but emotionally inaccessible, as “done” as their impeccable hair and makeup. Ditto the street superheroines like Teresa Graves and Tamara Dobson in the so-called Blaxploitation movies of the 1970s; as Christie Love and Cleopatra Jones, they were beautiful and confident but seemed to propagate an urban myth of Black people as Teflon-tough. In contrast, Tyson embodied, and embraced, the resilience of everyday life that was informed by clear moments of doubt, and even despair. She was regal but regular, qualities emphasized by her dark skin that for generations had consigned Black women to playing archetypal maids or mammies (the epitome of Teflon) when they got roles at all.

Next to her acting acumen, across a seven-decade career

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