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Bread Beauty Supply CEO Maeva Heim is Redefining “Lazy Girl Hair” for Black Women

For Black women who grew up in and continue to navigate predominantly white spaces, much of the discrimination we have faced has been tied to stereotypical and often historical ideas about Black hair and bodies. This has in many ways shaped how Black women present themselves to the world and the relationships they have with their hair.

For decades, Black women have relied on chemical relaxers and heat-intensive styling practices that are not only expensive and labor-intensive but can also have severe long-term effects on their health and well-being. The boom of natural hair content on social media in the early 2010s created a cultural reset that has redefined beauty by focusing on Black women’s evolving relationship with their hair. What has come out of this has been a great emergence of creators, educators, and entrepreneurs who have established industry-disrupting brands that are rooted in putting Black women’s hair-care needs

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An Extensive Guide on Who To Follow on Beauty TikTok in the Haircare, Makeup, and Skincare Space

Amid the pandemic, millions turned to TikTok—the short-form content app originally called—for solace. For months, lip-syncing and eight counts of elbow jabs and windmills took the place of doomscrolling. And for those not rhythmically inclined, there was a neck of the TikTok woods for everyone to discover— from true crime to tech and, of course, one of the fastest-growing areas on the platform, beauty.

Beauty TikTok—a corner of the app where users can find 60-second product reviews, makeup transformations, hair tutorials, and more, became a beast on its own. The space is currently in a “hyper-growth phase,” according to Olga Pelovangu, the global brand partnerships for beauty and tech at TikTok.

And with over 67.9B views on the hashtag beauty alone, the vertical even has the power to sell out a cult-favorite lipstick overnight. The appeal of beauty TikTok is understandable; long product reviews, tutorials, and educational videos

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Poetry Collection, “In a High Place: Black Motherhood and a Woman Rising,” by Caneeka Elleanor, Embraces the Complexities in Motherhood and Explores Postpartum Anxiety

Huntsville, AL, November 09, 2021 –(– From the Author of “WOVEN: Womanhood and Unveiling Gods Beauty,” through the use of poetry and essays, “In A High Place” is an intimate reflection of Black motherhood and the growth of a woman finding her way back to herself. Caneeka shares the pain of miscarriage, embraces the identity challenges of motherhood, sheds light on the impact of postpartum anxiety, celebrates the power of the collective, and reminds us of God’s strength in times of uncertainty.

It is a book comparative to the hope and tenacious joy found in Alice Walker’s “Hard Times Require Furious Dancing” as well as the wisdom and self-love reflected in Maya Angelou’s “Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now.”

“In A High Place: Black Motherhood and a Woman Rising” poetry and essay collection is an invitation for Black mothers to envision the community we need in postpartum

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