Day: September 18, 2021

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and How Fashion Is Important to the Story

Have you ever looked at the clothes an anime character was wearing and thought: “Wow, that has to be from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”? It’s not surprising if you have. Jojo, as a series, prides itself on being larger than life in every aspect, and that definitely includes fashion. Every chapter and character has a distinct style, and these styles are important to the worldbuilding of the series. They set the time period and location, of course, but they also help the audience understand some fundamental aspects of the characters, and how they express themselves. It’s also a way to slip in references not only from other parts of the series, but from outside influences that inspired it.

As with any series, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure uses fashion to set the scene. Each Part of Jojo takes place in a different era, and thus, the style varies greatly. “Phantom Blood”

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Fast fashion in the U.S. is fueling an environmental disaster in Ghana

Ghana — The rise of fast fashion in the United States is supporting an invisible “salvage market” that sees American clothes waste shipped to faraway countries where it fills marketplaces, clogs up beaches and overwhelms dumps.

There has been a five-fold increase in the amount of clothing Americans buy over the last three decades, but each item is worn only an average of seven times, according to reports. This has resulted in more discarded clothing than ever.

Many Americans donate their used clothing to charities when they are finished with it, under the assumption that it will be reused. But with the increasing amount of items being discarded, and the poorer quality of fast fashion, less and less can be resold, and millions of garments are put into bales and shipped abroad every year.

“Whatever they cannot sell in their thrift stores gets sold off into the ‘salvage’ market,” Liz

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Dollhouse Cosmetics CEO Chyna Russell On Helping Woman Of Color Build Six-Figure Beauty Brands

The global beauty industry is almost a half trillion-dollar business.

But for Black beauty consumers, finding the right foundation shade can feel rather taxing for companies that don’t realize that Black people’s skin comes in a variety of hues. It’s evident that the beauty industry still has far to go when it comes to inclusivity and diverse representation in the Black community.

For Chyna Russell, that call to action has become her life’s mission. The Dollhouse Cosmetics founder is committed to empowering women of color to create their own beauty businesses.

BLACK ENTERPRISE caught up with Russell who shares how she turned her passion for inclusion into a successful empire and gives advice on getting ahead of the competition in the beauty industry.

BE: What was the “Aha Moment” that led to the idea for your current company Dollhouse Cosmetics? Can you share that story with us?


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