Day: November 22, 2021

Don’t let scammers make your holidays blue; stay safe while shopping

Question: What are the latest online shopping safety tips?

Answer: The holiday season always drives online purchase volume to the highest levels of the year, which also means that those with malicious intent step up their tactics as well.

Elaborate phishing scams

One of the more sophisticated scams incorporates a fully functional website that looks like it’s selling popular and hard-to-get items at great pricing.

Creating a fake shopping website that looks exactly like the website of a popular retailer is pretty easy, so you can’t always believe what you’re seeing.

They’ll then take to social media and web comments to link to these “amazing deal websites” to try to snare unsuspecting bargain shoppers.

Take a close look at the entire web address as fake sites often use elaborate tricks to try to hide the fact that you aren’t on the actual retailer’s website.

Consider installing a free web browser

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Annual Tribute fashion show honors up-and-coming model who died in drowning

ST. LOUIS – Mother Model Management hosted their annual Tribute Fashion show Saturday at the City Foundry. This year’s show welcomed home more than 60 models who have walked runways and modeled for brands and magazines all over the world to honor a model who died this past summer.

Kara Wrice was a 16-year-old incoming junior at Webster Groves High School and a rising star on the volleyball team. She was just beginning to make her print in the fashion industry before she died in a drowning in the Meramac River in Castlewood Park in July. Both her immediate family and her fashion family at Mother Model refuse to let her legacy die with her. 

Mary Clark, co-owner of Mother Model, said, “Her life was so spirit filled and energetic and happy and the impact she had on our models specifically was significant.”

Hundreds of St. Louis creatives, photographers, fashion

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Muay Thai fitness shorts from Thailand and shopping

Venum Classic Muay Thai Kickboxing Shorts Black Gold - FIGHTWEAR SHOP EUROPE

Who is excited about Thailand’s healthy exercise, Muay Thai? Or should the question be who isn’t? 

Thanks to its amazing fitness, weight loss, and overall health benefits, many people are travelling to Muay Thai camps in Thailand to engage in Muay Thai training. Muay Thai is fitness program. 

If you are one of such persons, you’re probably about to pack your bag and you’re wondering what you’re supposed to be shopping for. What exactly are you expected to wear during training? Is there a specific attire, or does anything go? Let’s get into it! 

1.    Muay Thai shorts 

Although Muay Thai isn’t strict about what you wear for training, Muay Thai shorts are a must! Muay Thai shorts come in a unique design that makes movement easy when training or sparring. Most other shorts won’t give you as much freedom and leg room. You can shop for your short … Read More