Muay Thai fitness shorts from Thailand and shopping

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Who is excited about Thailand’s healthy exercise, Muay Thai? Or should the question be who isn’t? 

Thanks to its amazing fitness, weight loss, and overall health benefits, many people are travelling to Muay Thai camps in Thailand to engage in Muay Thai training. Muay Thai is fitness program. 

If you are one of such persons, you’re probably about to pack your bag and you’re wondering what you’re supposed to be shopping for. What exactly are you expected to wear during training? Is there a specific attire, or does anything go? Let’s get into it! 

1.    Muay Thai shorts 

Although Muay Thai isn’t strict about what you wear for training, Muay Thai shorts are a must! Muay Thai shorts come in a unique design that makes movement easy when training or sparring. Most other shorts won’t give you as much freedom and leg room. You can shop for your short in a Muay Thai gym around you or in Thailand. Muay Thai shorts is easy at shopping website.  

2.   Muay Thai shirts  

If we’re being honest, most men train without shirts because Thailand is often humid and sparring can make you sweat a lot. However, if you’re not comfortable with going bare-chested, then you should buy a Muay Thai shirt. You can also wear a casual singlet or polo you already have. 

As for the ladies, sports bras and tank tops are more common, especially those made of cotton and polyester fabric that help with the heat. 

3.   Ankle guards 

Many people go through Muay Thai training without ever needing this, but it is a safety gear that you cannot go wrong by buying. 

Like the name implies, ankle guards protect your ankles when you’re kicking or getting kicked. If you have soft ankles, you might need ankle guards when you face those large pads and bags. 

4.   Muay Thai boxing gloves 

You’re going to be doing a lot of punching during your Muay Thai training in Thailand, and those punching bags won’t take it easy on you. Boxing gloves can help you protect your hands and wrists from injury as you train, so buying Muay Thai gloves are important. Muay Thai gloves are better than the usual boxing gloves because they offer better grip and allow you to open your hands more. 

If you don’t want to get boxing gloves, you can buy hand wraps to protect your hands when hitting your boxing bags or sparring. 

5.   Mouthguard 

Don’t be scared, you won’t be losing your teeth, especially if you’re only training and not fighting. However, getting a mouth guard isn’t out of place. If you’ll be clinching or sparring, a mouth guard can come handy and prevent you from losing a tooth or more.  

Other sportswear for Muay Thai training with fitness program 

Some other things that should be in your gym bag when visiting a Muay Thai training camp include shin guards, a crotch guard, elbow and knee pads, as well as shoes to protect your legs when you exercise and jug around the compound before beginning training.  The shopping website of Muay Thai is and it has many Muay Thai shorts from Thailand.