Day: November 11, 2021

21 Best Men’s Tracksuits 2021: These Matching Sets Will Make WFH Feel Infinitely More Stylish

There’s something about the best men’s tracksuits, comfortable as they may be, that just feels more purposeful than a sweatsuit. The fabric is denser and more structured, and there’s a jacket involved—one that you have to go to the trouble of putting on and zipping up, rather than just slipping over your head like a hoodie. And then there are all the baked-in associations. Tracksuits are uniforms for people who get shit done efficiently and ruthlessly: elite athletes, UK grime rappers, mall-walking senior citizens determined to stay in shape, tough guys stretching from the Russian section of Brighton Beach all the way to actual Russia. Oh, yeah, and they also look really, really dope—leisurely and relaxed, but still plenty smart and distinctive.

Tracksuits are so essential right now that literally every brand on the planet makes their own swishy, striking take. That might sound like a good thing, only the

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The Fashion Designers and Stylists Who Defined Fashion in 2021 – Voices of Style

For every celebrity whose style you’ve admired over the past year, there’s been a team of talented professionals working behind-the-scenes, crafting the outfits that have turned these stars into full fashion icons. Custom gowns and accessories are dreamed up by talented designers, who are no doubt aiming for that major ‘wow’ moment. And those seemingly effortless sweater-and-jeans combos? They come from the minds of hard-working stylists, who make sure every piece is perfectly paired.

Still, as we look toward the future, we know that simply enjoying these looks is not enough. The industry as a whole could benefit from change, opting for more sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. There’s no shame in reimagining and wearing what’s already in your closet, and if you’re going to shop, it’s worth it to do your research, supporting brands with goals that align with your own.

As for where to start? We’ve

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An Extensive Guide on Who To Follow on Beauty TikTok in the Haircare, Makeup, and Skincare Space

Amid the pandemic, millions turned to TikTok—the short-form content app originally called—for solace. For months, lip-syncing and eight counts of elbow jabs and windmills took the place of doomscrolling. And for those not rhythmically inclined, there was a neck of the TikTok woods for everyone to discover— from true crime to tech and, of course, one of the fastest-growing areas on the platform, beauty.

Beauty TikTok—a corner of the app where users can find 60-second product reviews, makeup transformations, hair tutorials, and more, became a beast on its own. The space is currently in a “hyper-growth phase,” according to Olga Pelovangu, the global brand partnerships for beauty and tech at TikTok.

And with over 67.9B views on the hashtag beauty alone, the vertical even has the power to sell out a cult-favorite lipstick overnight. The appeal of beauty TikTok is understandable; long product reviews, tutorials, and educational videos

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