Day: November 21, 2021

From retail to styling for the Met Gala: Lancaster native Manny Jay soars in the world of fashion | Entertainment

Emmanuel Colon had just two weeks to style a Met Gala look for one of his longest-term clients, beauty influencer and entrepreneur Jackie Aina, when her invitation to the gala arrived late.

It was the first time he styled someone for fashion’s biggest event, held this year on Sept. 13. The theme was “American Independence,” a theme that could vary drastically given the person in attendance.

Aina decided to pay homage to Barbie, and from there, it was full speed ahead. He and his assistants looked for Black-owned fashion designers and eventually found Brooklyn-based Fe Noel, who created a silky, pink, ’90s Barbie-inspired dress for Aina.

Jackie 1.jpeg

Beauty influencer Jackie Aina before the Met Gala with an outfit styled by Manny Jay.

The look, which the designer described as the “perfect mashup of glamour meets girl next door,” to fashion website Women’s Wear Daily, received acclaim from Vogue magazine.

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Here’s Everything to Know About The Curse of Von Dutch , Hulu’s New True-Crime Series

When trends turn tragic.

Hulu’s upcoming true-crime series, The Curse of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die For, explores the rise and fall of the iconic Y2K fashion brand known for its trucker hats and A-listers who deemed them cool.

Although Vogue thinks of trucker hats as “one of the biggest tacky-chic accessories of the era,” the outlet also considers Von Dutch “the It label of the time period.”

Hulu’s character-driven saga chronicles the true story behind the Von Dutch brand while exploring the complexity of company control and controversy in a three-part docuseries premiering on Nov. 18. Venice Beach surfers, European fashionistas, gangsters, and Hollywood movers and shakers vied to gain ownership, while the brand’s trucker-hat product transformed from an obscure fashion accessory to a popular fashion necessity among consumers and celebrities in the 2000s.

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‘Economic empowerment is the answer to caste discrimination,’ says Saka Shailaja

'Economic empowerment is the answer to caste discrimination,' says Saka Shailaja

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‘Economic empowerment is the answer to caste discrimination,’ says Saka Shailaja

This remarkable entrepreneurial journey began when one feisty woman in a small town in Telangana set out to support other underprivileged women with training and jobs, even if she had to battle personal, societal and professional challenges in her quest.

As a woman belonging to the Dalit community, one of the most marginalised in the Subcontinent, and to a family with very modest means, Saka Shailaja had the odds stacked against her to reach where she is now – as the founder and managing director of Roja’s Group of Industries, which is entirely made up of women employees, and an honorary member at Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Shailaja was also recently part of Project Her&Now by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in

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