Day: July 30, 2021

Ohio woman attacks elderly Asian store owners after her card was declined

A woman is wanted in Cleveland after going on a rampage at a local beauty store and attacking its elderly Asian owners over a failed purchase.

What happened: The incident, which was caught on surveillance video, occurred at Chic Plus Beauty Supply on Lorain Road around 5 p.m. on Friday. Police said the woman was trying to buy something using a prepaid debit card, which was declined at the counter.

  • “May I please have my items please, I will leave and get out of your hair. You will never see me in your store again,” the woman says of her purchase, which reportedly cost $11.85. “All I’m trying to do is get my items, that’s it. I’m not being belligerent.”

  • In response, the store owners explained that they could not give her the items because her account didn’t have any money. “The card was denied, therefore, obviously, you can’t take

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Tips to Transform Your Appearance

5 easy makeup techniques that will change your face | JAMIE GENEVIEVE -  YouTube

If you’re not happy with how you look, then there is always something you can do to improve your appearance. Simple changes can transform how you look and give you a much-needed confidence boost. Here are some tips to transform your appearance:

Experiment with makeup 

Applying makeup is one of the easiest ways to change how you look. When applied correctly, makeup can enhance your natural features and hide flaws like acne scars or blemishes. However, applying makeup can be difficult for beginners, especially if you don’t have any experience. The best way to learn how to apply makeup is by experimenting with cosmetics at home or watching makeup tutorials. You can also book classes to learn about specialist areas of makeup like theatre makeup or camouflage makeup. 

Change your hairstyle 

Changing your hairstyle is another simple way to transform your appearance. A new haircut or color can completely change … Read More