Day: July 25, 2021

Gen Z’s ‘nowstalgia’ for Y2K fashion is leading to a thrifting explosion

It’s part of a rising trend of Y2K fashion and what has been called “nowstalgia” among Gen Z, who are reliving early 2000s fashion trends they were too young to experience or remember the first time around.

“I think there’s like this resurgence of what was so cool in the 2000s … now that it’s coming back, it’s like you want to infuse it with today’s pop culture,” said Lisa Sahakian, CEO and founder of Ian Charms.

It’s not just beaded necklaces coming back into style. Iconic fashion trends of the early 2000s like bucket hats, low-rise jeans, and babydoll T-shirts are all having a resurgence among younger consumers. This vintage renaissance has also led to an explosion in thrifting among Gen Z, and a rise in sites that sell thrifted clothing like Depop and Poshmark.

The frenzy over thrifted clothing is starting to manifest in brick-and mortar stores,

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Olympics-Skateboarding-Japan’s Horigome wins sport’s first Olympic gold

By Mari Saito

TOKYO (Reuters) -Yuto Horigome of Japan claimed the first Olympic gold medal in skateboarding after recovering his composure with high-scoring tricks in the final rounds held in his hometown of Tokyo on Sunday.

Kelvin Hoefler of Brazil won silver in the men’s street skating competition and Jagger Eaton of the United States clinched the bronze.

In a nail-biting final, Horigome stumbled through the two initial runs, but regained his signature cool in landing four of the five final tricks, earning 9.50 for a nollie backside 270.

The 22-year-old Horigome, whose father introduced him to the sport when he was a toddler, won the medal a stone’s throw away from where he grew up.

“It felt significant to return to Koto ward, it meant so much more for me,” he said. Horigome moved to the United States to pursue his skateboarding career after high school.

“I couldn’t miss

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‘Small sellers who experienced convenience of e-commerce selling unlikely to ignore this channel ahead’

a close up of a keyboard: Higher incomes in rural India and changing online habits will help e-commerce in a big way.

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Higher incomes in rural India and changing online habits will help e-commerce in a big way.

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Amongst the many disruptive trends that emerged due to the pandemic, one of the most prominent has been reverse migration. During the first spike in Covid-19 cases in 2020, an unprecedented 1.14 crore migrant workers from cities moved back to their villages. During the second wave of the epidemic, a repeat of the reverse-migration phenomenon played out, though with relatively less intensity. Delhi’s transport department reported that 8.07 lakh migrant workers from Delhi moved to their neighbouring home states in barely a month since April 21. The Indian Railways stepped up its operations to accommodate these migrants from cities like Mumbai, Pune, Surat, and Delhi.

The migrants were predominantly daily wage earners and people who contributed to the informal sector in the

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WATCH NOW: Charis Jones expands her Richmond-based Sassy Jones jewelry and accessory business by adding a clothing line | Business News

“Our customers were taking our boldly printed scarves and making halter tops and skirts and boleros out of them. They’re wearing them like clothes,” she said. “So it’s really literally just giving the people what they want.”

Sassy Jones began testing different designs and hired its first fashion designer in December. Since then, the team has grown to five designers.

Jones is involved in the creative process, advising on styles and designs and selecting fabrics for each look.

“My accessories and beauty line has always been focused on bold pops of color, unique pieces and quality materials — and those same concepts shine through in my fashion line,” she said. “At the core, the collection helps women boost their self-confidence in whatever they put on.”

The Sassy Jones ready-to-wear collection is going to change the face of fashion, said Amanda Campbell, who was hired as the company’s first fashion designer.

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