Day: July 3, 2021

the 6 style trends we can expect to see this summer

Sky-high heels are the shoe of choice

While the rest of the nation has been reluctantly stuffing their feet back into real shoes since the lifting of lockdown restrictions, with heels a far-off notion, the footwear timeline on Love Island is significantly sped up. 

Sharon sported metallic wedges which are a forever-favourite on the show, but Liberty and Kaz’s strappy six-inch platforms are proving just as popular this season – by day and night. 

The rest of us might like to start off small. If you’ve been wedded to your Birkenstocks, block heeled mules or espadrille wedges will ease you in. 

Sarongs have made a comeback

In an unexpected twist, cover-ups made an unexpected appearance in the first episode with three of the five new contestants sporting them. Cover-ups they may be, but the actual coverage is in rather short supply – the 2021 Love Island sarong is sheer, short,

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French dressing has never looked so appealing, courtesy of Paris men’s fashion week

Officine Generale

Officine Generale

You may have been glued to the England win this week, or been cheering on Federer on centre court, but in the French capital a different kind of sport was taking place – and the players are more competitive than any Grand Slam champ.

Paris Fashion Week Men’s celebrated the sublime and – occasionally – ridiculous in all things men’s clothing, but generally the message has been focused on how to ease out of lockdown while not easing out of your comfort clothing. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of brands are proposing that men step up and embrace suiting once more, but there’s others who propose a halfway between relaxed and formal that’s entirely enticing.



Designer Véronique Nichanian at storied luxury house Hermès led this charge, significantly lightening the mood, and the fabrics, for her new men’s collection. Coats in summer might seem incongruous, but have you

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43 practical things that are so genius you’ll wish you bought them sooner

I’ll be the first one to admit it: I’m a sucker for a good gadget. As soon as I spot practical yet genius devices when I’m online shopping, I know I have to have them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a kitchen utensil or a closet organizer; if it makes my life easier, I’m sold.

One of my favorite things to do is check online to see which kitchen gadgets are trending on Amazon. There are so many things that I’ve never thought of, but I’m so glad I purchased. Take this wildly popular electric can opener, for example. It doesn’t seem like it’s that big of a deal, but over 35,000 reviewers insist it’s life-changing. And you know what? It is. Now I can open a can with a touch of a button, there are no sharp edges, and I don’t even have to get my hands dirty.

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Jill Biden Likes Fashion, but Don’t Bother Asking Her About It

Jill Biden does not want to talk about fashion. It’s one of the few sticky moments in her recent Vogue profile: the writer Jonathan Van Meter asks about her style, and gets shut down immediately.

Specifically, the First Lady “flashes a winning smile that says very clearly, ‘Let’s move on.’” Her communications director “looks uncomfortable,” but allows Vogue one small scoop. Biden doesn’t work with a stylist. “It’s all her,” she says.

Biden seems uncomfortable when asked about the Instagram profile that documents her every outfit, @drjillbidenfashion. She rolls her eyes. She wasn’t aware of it. Pandemic-era austerity and a desire to focus on bigger issues demand she play it cool.

“It’s kind of surprising, I think, how much commentary is made about what I wear or if I put my hair in a scrunchie,” Biden says. But she’ll give one quote: “I like to choose from a

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