Day: June 24, 2021

Neith Nyer designer on breaking free of Paris fashion calendar

Brazilian designer Francisco Terra of French upstart brand Neith Nyer says the Covid crisis has freed him from the need to follow the usual fashion playbook.

Terra is organising one of the few live catwalk shows during men’s fashion week in Paris that began Tuesday — but he is doing it outside the official line-up and in his own style.

His intimate show, with around 100 guests, takes place Thursday in the Consulat, an art centre based in a former electricity sub-station, to be followed by a four-day pop-up store to get direct feedback from clients.

“Covid has allowed me to see many things clearly… to free myself from the shackles of the calendar and seasons,” the 37-year-old told AFP at his apartment-cum-studio in Paris.

It is the first time since launching his label that Terra did not apply to be part of the official Paris calendar.

And after more

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How fashion designers flipped to athleisure during Covid

Leon Elias Wu

Leon Elias Wu has pivoted from making bespoke suits to sporty leisurewear

Fashion designer Leon Elias Wu says that when the pandemic first hit he felt as if he was “a character in a zombie apocalypse film”.

“I went into autopilot… my first real thoughts and feelings were concern about my family and loved ones,” says the Los Angeles-based 42-year-old.

“And then I thought about the economy, and how that would impact my business. We had to think quickly… to keep the business afloat during the challenging times ahead.”

Mr Wu is a designer of bespoke suits beloved by a number of Hollywood actors, including Laverne Cox, Beth Dover, and Jake Graf.

Actor Jake Graf wearing a Leon Elias Wu suit

Leon Elias Wu suits are worn by actors including Jake Graf, pictured

Like most high-end fashion bosses, he suddenly found that with no-one able to go out to big events, such as film premiers, or even just to

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Fascinating Beauty Secrets From Indian Women

One of the biggest realizations in western beauty in recent years has undoubtedly been the swaths of inspiration we can draw from the Far East—from ancient skincare traditions to innovative new technologies and everything in between. But while much of the focus has been on the 10-step skincare routines of Korea and the long list of incredible ingredients used by Japanese beauty brands, there’s another Asian culture whose practices have been influencing beauty and health around the world for centuries: that of India.

There, beauty rituals are built upon thousands of years of history and tradition and have been lovingly passed down from generation to generation. “An Indian home is generational, and in any home, you learn by watching,” says Juhi Ash, a wellness and health guru and the founder of New York’s Juhi Ash Center. “As a child, I was shown simplicity and routine when it comes to

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