Day: October 10, 2021

What Is AI Fashion Styling and Can It Make You Look Fabulous?

AI has crept into our lives, making everything easier and more convenient. So it’s no wonder that fashion brands and retailers have begun using AI, as well.

Many companies selling fashion items offer their customers personalized styling using AI. Usually, they’re asked to take a quiz, share likes and dislikes, which styles appeal to them, and so on. Then, when they submit their answers, the AI makes its suggestions.

So, is AI styling worth using, or does it have a while to go?

How Does AI-Driven Styling Work

AI styling is mostly used for style subscription boxes. Let’s take a look at Stitch Fix, as it’s among the most well-known style subscription services that turn to AI for styling.

Stitch Fix offers to send you clothing items personalized to your style and preferences by asking you to take a style quiz and then leaving the AI to do the

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‘Bespoke on the Boulevard’ suit donation event benefits artists, veterans

By Shaun Ryan

Thursday, June 17, was a night of fashion for a good cause as The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach and Dr. Arun Gulani of The Gulani Vision Institute presented “Bespoke on the Boulevard.”

The event featured Gulani’s personally re-designed and curated selection of gently used men’s and women’s suits collected from local business leaders and philanthropists to benefit area artists and veterans who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. The high-quality suits will prove beneficial to recipients as they attend job interviews.

The event also generated funding for the Wounded Warrior Project and its partner agencies.

More than 50 people participated in the occasion including local dignitaries, volunteers, donors and men and women from the arts community along with residents and clients from the Five Star Veterans Center and Northeast Florida Women Veterans Inc. The nonprofits specialize in assisting veterans who suffer from post-traumatic

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One Of The Most Popular Accessories in Fashion Game ‘Shining Nikki’ Is This Gun

A screenshot of Shining Nikki, showing the crafting screen for a gun.

Image Source: Shining Nikki

The highest rated accessory I can use for most of the challenges in fashion game Shining Nikki is a gun.

Shining Nikki is the follow up to the charming and bizarre Love Nikki, a game that portrayed the eponymous Nikki united disparate kingdoms through the power of fashion. Shining Nikki can’t be summed up so succinctly. According to the game’s lore, Nikki has gone back in time 680 years to prevent the world from being destroyed, but she now has amnesia so she can’t remember how to stop the world ending. As Nikki continues on her quest she’s learned a lot about the power of fashion, which in this universe is so powerful that it can undo mind control.

Shining Nikki is a gacha game, where earning enough currency to buy a new loot box is the main activity. At the particular part of the game

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Exhibit celebrates Tallahassee women who ‘persevered and prospered’

In a society obsessed with youth and physical beauty, women of a certain age vanish from the zeitgeist just when they have the most to offer as fonts of institutional knowledge, cultural history and creative energy.

An exhibit opening at LeMoyne Arts on Oct. 14 aims to change that, on the local level at least. “Women Among Us: Portraits of Strength” spotlights 17 Tallahassee women in large, arresting black-and-white photographic portraits printed on aluminum with accompanying haiku and biographic blurbs encapsulating each woman’s gifts and achievements.

LeMoyne Arts:Enthusiasm for life radiates from portraits of 17 remarkable women in LeMoyne exhibit

Things to do:From orchestra to zydeco, pumpkins to plays, fall is hopping

Gadsden Arts:The work of four centuries of women artists on display at Gadsden Arts

The seed of an idea for the project was planted three years ago in a casual conversation between wildflower maven and

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