One Of The Most Popular Accessories in Fashion Game ‘Shining Nikki’ Is This Gun

A screenshot of Shining Nikki, showing the crafting screen for a gun.

Image Source: Shining Nikki

The highest rated accessory I can use for most of the challenges in fashion game Shining Nikki is a gun.

Shining Nikki is the follow up to the charming and bizarre Love Nikki, a game that portrayed the eponymous Nikki united disparate kingdoms through the power of fashion. Shining Nikki can’t be summed up so succinctly. According to the game’s lore, Nikki has gone back in time 680 years to prevent the world from being destroyed, but she now has amnesia so she can’t remember how to stop the world ending. As Nikki continues on her quest she’s learned a lot about the power of fashion, which in this universe is so powerful that it can undo mind control.

Shining Nikki is a gacha game, where earning enough currency to buy a new loot box is the main activity. At the particular part of the game where I’m at I have to craft an outfit in order to beat the level, an outfit which includes this gun. Because it’s a part of one of these special outfit sets it has higher stats than most of the clothing I’ve been using I’ve gotten for free or through loot drops.

Although there’s a surprising amount of stuff to do in Shining Nikki, the meat of the game is its story mode, where you style Nikki for fashion battles against non-playable characters. I have ended up using this gun a lot, as it has the highest Handsomeness stat of any accessory I have so far. I also see it show up in the various team activities or fashion battles against other players. Having a gun is apparently a winning strategy in the world of Shining Nikki.

There was also a gun in Love Nikki, but that game consisted of two dimensional drawings. Shining Nikki uses 3D models for the fashion battles, which is cute when it means Nikki will show off the bag you’ve made her hold and mildly threatening when instead of a bag it’s a gun.

Nikki, holding a gun.

Image Source: Shining Nikki

The incongruity of this cute pink haired anime girl wielding a gun is part of Shining Nikki’s charm. It’s one of the few fashion games that actually matches the absurdity of the fashion world in real life. As part of the 1998 Versace menswear show, living legend Naomi Campbell theatrically brandished a gun at a male model. It feels appropriate that Shining Nikki, in all its melodrama about spirit planes and the power of fashion, would recognize that fashion is about drama if nothing else.