Day: May 25, 2022

Top Eye Makeup Products to Try

It is said that the eyes are the features of your face from where your soul can be seen. Being so mush important features of your face, they deserve to be treated well and their treatment is the best eye makeup. Your eyes cannot be enhanced by just a pair of falsies or an eyebrow brush, but it also requires a little eye makeup. When you wear make-up on your eyes it affects your overall look and the way you feel. There is a large variety of eye make-up products available in the market so it depends on your choice that which look you want for yourself.

Some women want a bold look that comes with the pigmented colors across the lids or some may like a little flick of eyeliner or mascara. When you go for the right eye makeup product, it will enhance your overall natural beauty. Below … Read More

It’s time men were part of the fast fashion conversation

(Raph Dilhan)

One of the things I get asked most about from my time on BBC One’s fabulous The Great British Sewing Bee last year, is the denim dress I fashioned from recycled old jeans in Episode Six. In the interest of sustainability, fans of the show have reached out to me and shared that it inspired them to dig out their old clothes (often from their husband’s wardrobes), and have a go at recycling themselves.

But I have noticed a pattern – the vast majority are women. While we are all aware by now of the need to wean ourselves off our fast fashion addiction, the emphasis is often on making women’s wardrobes more sustainable.

Refashioning and upcycling are a wonderful by-product of being able to sew, but I worry that the cultural perceptions around sewing still put men off.

All too often, traditionally “feminine” creative aspirations that boys

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How Female Founders In Fashion Are Increasingly Making Their Mark

As fashion evolves each year, a new power dynamic is coming into play more than ever. A study by Business of Fashion revealed that women designed 40% of womenswear fashion brands, but they only make up about 14% of leadership positions among the largest fashion brands. Another report found that women lead less than 13% of Fortune 1000 Retail and Apparel companies.

However, there is little doubt that female fashion founders are increasingly making their mark by promoting sustainable products, revolutionizing plus-size fashions, and championing inclusive designs.

The Women Behind Fashion’s New Sustainable Statements

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