Day: May 18, 2022

Get the best deal-sniffing browser extensions and protect your packages

Whether you’ve been ordering online for years or were forced to for the first time because of the pandemic, you no doubt appreciate all the benefits compared to retail (“brick and mortar”) shopping.

After all, with online shopping, you can shop 24/7 in the comfort of your pajamas; you don’t have to fight traffic to drive to the mall and circle the parking lot; you don’t get stuck behind someone in line at checkout counting change (or pulling out the wrong credit card); it’s easy to compare prices between multiple online retailers; and products are shipped right to your door, of course (heck, even groceries).

OK, so you’re already sold on it. “Marc, you’re preaching to the converted,” you’re thinking.

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Granted, there are a few things you can do to ensure your online shopping experience is

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Not Seeing Myself Represented In Fashion Marketing Fueled My Life’s Purpose

Since 16, I have always known that the world of fashion was the place I wanted to be. Opulence, glamour and flashing lights took over the scope of runways from Alexander McQueen to Prada. Gorgeous models with 10-foot-long legs graced the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and W magazines. And television ads took over the industry’s lens through whitewashed paradigms that often claimed one form of beauty.

As a young Black girl wanting to make it big in a lucrative industry, I saw the billboards of alluringly attractive women that were the epitome of European beauty standards and all that I was not. I often questioned why I hadn’t seen women that looked like me. That didn’t have the texture of a kinky curl or the slightest curve in their hips. The slightest bit of melanin wasn’t achieved if it weren’t for tanning cream, and skin that showed any form of

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Kanye West Compared Kim Kardashian’s Style To Marge Simpson

Kim Kardashian discussed losing Kanye West as her fashion guru on an episode of Hulu’s new show The Kardashians.

The reality TV star admitted she relied on her ex-husband to style her during their relationship. Kim Kardashian chatted with her sister Kourtney about choosing outfits became more stressful without Kanye West’s input.

“I got to a point where I would ask his advice for everything down to what I wear,” she told Kourtney. “Even now I’m having panic attacks, like what do I wear?”

Kanye West last styled his ex-wife when she hosted Saturday Night Live in October 2021. But according to her, he walked out in the middle of her monologue.

Kim Kardashian debuted her first post-Ye look at the WSJ. Magazine’s annual Innovator Awards in November 2021. Kanye West was apparently unimpressed with her dress.

“He called me afterward,” she recalled. “He told me my career is

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More to nation than conflict

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) — Vibrant African clothes, both traditional and contemporary, enlivened the catwalk in Burkina Faso’s fashion week.

Designers say they are striving to make the West African country become known as an emerging fashion hub, to offset its reputation for its recent coup and ongoing conflict with Islamic extremists. Some of the shows were staged on a central street of Ouagadougou, the capital, where residents lined up to see models strut designs for women and men.

The small West African nation hosted its third Ouaga Fashion Week — the first since the pandemic forced its delay. The colorful four-day show closed Sunday amid surging jihadi violence linked to al-Qaida and the Islamic State group that’s killed thousands.

When the capital was hit by frequent power cuts, models and designers used the lights of their cell phones to put on makeup and fix their hair.

Some 35 designers

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