The X-Men’s Secret Resurrection Powers Are About To Be Exposed

The X-Men’s recent Hellfire Gala has raised a lot of questions for reporter Ben Urich, who could expose the mutants’ secret resurrection abilities.

Warning! Spoilers for X-Men #1 ahead!

The X-Men‘s ability to resurrect dead mutants on the island of Krakoa is in danger of being exposed by The Daily Bugle‘s co-owner and star reporter Ben Urich. Ironically it’s the extravagant fashions worn at the recent Hellfire Gala, which were designed to attract attention, that will end up giving away the mutants’ biggest secret.

Since forming their own nation on the living island of Krakoa, the mutants of the world have essentially overcome death and turned it into more of an inconvenience than a permanent state. By utilizing the powers of a group of mutants known as the Five, the X-Men have devised a way of resurrecting any mutant who is killed by growing a genetic

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Rating the X-Men’s high-fashion Hellfire Gala outfits

Almost two years after Marvel’s mutants changed forever with the acclaimed reboot House of X and Powers of X, the X-Men are celebrating their triumph in style with the ongoing Hellfire Gala. The event (running through the latest issues of Marauders, Hellions, Excalibur, X-Men, Children of the Atom, New Mutants, X-Corp, Wolverine, S.W.O.R.D., and Way of X, concluding with next week’s installments of X-Factor and Cable) is modeled after the real-life Met Gala but dialed up to 11, as you would expect from the fashion-forward X-Men.

But while some mutants were born to strut the green carpet, others don’t quite have what it takes to get the cameras flashing. So we at EW used our best fashion judgment to rank the best-dressed, the worst-dressed, and the points for effort. Check it out below!

(A note: All the artists involved in the X-line did an

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X-MEN’s Hellfire Gala Fashion From Best to Worst

Have you received your invitation to the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala yet? Well, seeing as you’re just a regular Homo sapien, you’re probably not on the guest list. If you’re wondering what we are talking about, the mutant nation of Krakoa is throwing a very fancy soiree. One where guests are expected to dress up to the nines. Something akin to the real-life Met Gala, only with powers. It’s called the Hellfire Gala after the mutant’s Hellfire Trading Company. The formerly villainous Hellfire Club now runs mutant trade with the outside world.

The mutants of the island nation of Krakoa are dressed to impress at the first ever Hellfire Gala.

The mutants of the island nation of Krakoa are dressed to impress at the first ever Hellfire Gala.

Marvel Comics

The event is taking place across 12 issues of X-Men comics this spring, including the June one-shot comic Planet-Sized X-Men. It will result in an all-new X-Men team, one where fans got to vote for members.

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X-Men’s New Era is Being Defined by a Surprising Mutant

Mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation is a VIP on Krakoa who came up with the idea for the Hellfire Gala that will define the X-Men moving forward.

An unexpected mutant is proving to be pivotal in reshaping the mutants of the X-Men’s Krakoan era: iconic mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation. The new age is giving all mutants an opportunity to be impactful in their nation’s growth and prosperity, and this one mutant celebrity stands out gloriously.

One of the most beautiful results of mutants uniting on the island of Krakoa is the effect that they have once again been given a safe environment in which to grow. The teamwork of the Five has eliminated the fear of permanent death from the X-Men. Former criminals and villains have been given second chances to make the most of their potential, like Black Tom, who is instrumental in communicating with

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