X-Men’s New Era is Being Defined by a Surprising Mutant

Mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation is a VIP on Krakoa who came up with the idea for the Hellfire Gala that will define the X-Men moving forward.

An unexpected mutant is proving to be pivotal in reshaping the mutants of the X-Men’s Krakoan era: iconic mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation. The new age is giving all mutants an opportunity to be impactful in their nation’s growth and prosperity, and this one mutant celebrity stands out gloriously.

One of the most beautiful results of mutants uniting on the island of Krakoa is the effect that they have once again been given a safe environment in which to grow. The teamwork of the Five has eliminated the fear of permanent death from the X-Men. Former criminals and villains have been given second chances to make the most of their potential, like Black Tom, who is instrumental in communicating with Krakoa and the security of the island. Quentin Quire, aka Kid Omega, has been killed and resurrected repeatedly during X-Force operations and has begun to feel more insecure about his place. His girlfriend Phoebe Cuckoo suspects the frequent deaths are a subconscious cry to be truly reborn, and she has stepped in to help.

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In X-Force #17 by Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara, Phoebe brings Quentin to see Jumbo Carnation, the celebrity fashion designer who possesses durable “Teflon” skin and four arms. She hopes that going to Jumbo’s New York shop will help Quentin to cope with a death during a recent X-Force mission. Quentin has overwhelmed the resurrection protocols with cosmetic changes, a superficial way to seek to become the best version of himself. Jumbo provides a more substantial alternative and gives Kid Omega a makeover that truly aligns with the Omega-level mutant he is. Originally, Jumbo Carnation’s death in New X-Men #134 helped catalyze Quentin’s original aesthetic and crusade for mutant revolution, so it’s fitting he gets to have a hand in Kid Omega’s next chapter.

Establishing the cultural identity of mutants has been a priority on Krakoa. Mutant fashion and aesthetics are as integral in shaping that cultural identity as the Krakoan language. The work with Kid Omega is just a single example of what Jumbo is doing for mutants at large for the upcoming Hellfire Gala. The Hellfire Gala is rumored to be an event that will change things for mutants forever and was actually a suggestion from Jumbo. Emma Frost has already been using Carnation as her personal designer, but he is also handling the designs for hundreds of other mutants. Marauders #19 reveals that by joining with the Stepford Cuckoos he’s able to place his brilliant designs right into the minds of Jamie Maddrox, the Multiple Man, to help with the labor.

Jumbo Carnation, Phoebe Cuckoo, and Quenten Quire were all created during Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run, and Jumbo’s death served to inject themes of culture and moving beyond human limitations into the mutant discussion. Emma Frost used her sway to make Carnation’s resurrection a priority, calling him one of the most important mutants. The X-Men know how influential aesthetics and visuals are, and with Jumbo Carnation, they’re in four good hands.

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