8 best fashion rental services for a more sustainable shopping experience

We tried and tested these services for ease of delivery, the items available and how user-friendly the platform was   (Nuw)

We tried and tested these services for ease of delivery, the items available and how user-friendly the platform was (Nuw)

With Britons throwing away an estimated £140 million worth of clothing each year, there’s no denying that our rapacious shopping habits are harming the planet. As one of the most polluting industries, the fashion world needs to wake up to its sustainability problem.

If the stats unsettle you as much as they do us, and you’re frequently looking for the next best eco-friendly fashion initiative, allow us to introduce you to the realm of wardrobe rentals.

While these platforms have long since been part of the fashion dialogue across the pond, with Rent the Runway dominating the market in the US, the phenomenon is starting to take off in the UK too. So much so that data analytics company GlobalData predicts that the UK clothing rental market will be

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Importance of Sustainable Fashion, According to an Expert

It’s not new news that choosing sustainable fashion over fast fashion is a smart choice for the environment. But have you ever wondered what else you can do to lessen your shopping impact?

On the latest episode of Need to Know, actress and activist Sophia Bush sat down with writer Alden Wicker, and they shared actionable tips that make shopping sustainably a little more approachable.

But first, a reality check: “It’s responsible for anywhere between five and eight percent of global carbon emissions,” says Wicker of fashion’s environmental effects. “It’s also estimated to be responsible for four percent of global waste […] Fashion has a huge effect on the climate as well. Most of our fashion is still made in countries that are still running completely on coal.”

There is one simple step you can do right away, however. “Returns are so unsustainable,” Wicker says. “Doing this

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I Just Found a Sustainable Fashion Brand That I Can Actually Afford

According to market research company GWI, 60% of consumers in the US and UK say the high cost of eco-friendly products is a barrier to purchasing them, and I totally get it, I’m a fashion editor and even I have struggled to find sustainably minded brands that feel accessibly priced. Honestly, that’s why I’ve always loved the comparative simplicity of shopping vintage. But then last autumn I was sent a press release about a new sustainable brand: Seventy + Mochi, and guess what? It was actually affordable.

I’m wearing the Suki Dunagrees in a size 10, but the fit is one the snug side, so I would recommend sizing up.

With accessories starting at £15 and ready-to-wear pieces from £55, the brand roughly sits in the same price category as the likes of & Other Stories, Whistles and Arket. I was instantly sold on the brand’s nostalgic take on

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Sustainable Athletic Wear for Spring, Inspired by Vogue’s Archive

As a long-time champion of environmental causes and sustainable products, Tonne Goodman –legendary stylist, former Vogue fashion director, current Vogue Sustainability editor—has always been my north star on what to buy, where to buy it, when to buy it, and how to wear it. It doesn’t hurt that she is one of the chicest women I’ve ever met, and I idolize her personal style as much as I do her work for both Vogue and our planet. With Tonne’s book Point of View coming out last year, we thought a joyful way to talk about the future of fashion would be to look back to some of Tonne’s greatest shoots for Vogue and breathe new life into the looks by shopping them out from sustainable brands. This is a celebration of timelessness—good style is forever, as are great wardrobe basics—and we already know Tonne’s edit will stand the test of

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