How Your Fashion Can be More Sustainable


Your fashion can be more sustainable by changing how you treat the clothes you wear, both mentally and physically. Looking at clothes in a different way lets you make the most of them.

Purchase Recycled Clothing

As you may already know, clothes are often made from synthetic materials like plastic. And things like cotton from old clothes can be used to make new ones. Sustainable and washable silk pajamas are a great example. You did read that correctly. Plastic can now be used to make silk, and it can be washed just like tougher materials. Eco-silk is made from 100% recycled materials and looks and feels just as good as real silk, if not better, and costs much less!

Buy from Sustainable Brands

More and more fashion brands are thinking about how their production affects the environment and society. Make sure that the products you buy are sourced in an ethical, sustainable, and responsible way. Organic or sustainable brands can always be used instead of top brands. Because of this, the best brands look at their processes and make changes where they can. By looking at a brand’s mission statement, you can figure out how useful it is for your own needs.

Fashion Can be More Sustainable If You Don’t Throw It Away

Don’t put your clothes in the regular trash cans since they will just pile up in the landfill. You have other choices to make more use of your older clothes, including:

  • Have a professional repair or alter your garments so you can keep wearing them.
  • Give your old clothes to family, friends, or stores that help people in need.
  • Sell good clothes on fashion apps like Vinted to make some cash.

By taking care of your old clothes, you can reduce the number of materials that end up in landfills and do your part to make clothing more environmentally friendly.

Look After Your Clothing

A lot of us wash our clothes at too high of a temperature or dry them in the dryer, which can damage them. If you wash clothes at low temperatures and let them dry in the air, they will last much longer. You can also lessen your effect on the environment this way. The way we wash our clothes has a big effect on the environment. About 60,000 liters of water are used to wash clothes in the average home. And drying clothes in a dryer uses a huge amount of electricity.

Rent Expensive Garments

There are times when it doesn’t seem necessary to buy clothes. For instance, your child’s dress for the prom will only be worn once. So why spend money if you can rent it instead? This is also a great way to get rid of clothes you may only need for a short while such as maternity clothes. On-time rentals are great for these. But you can also sign up for clothes sites like My Wardrobe HQ that let you change your wardrobe often to keep up with the latest trends.


There are many ways fashion can be more sustainable. Eco-silk and other recycled materials are a great place to start. But you can also reuse older clothes or rent them from fashion sites.

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