What Diversity Looks Like in Foundation and the Beauty Industry

What Diversity Looks Like in Foundation and the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry hasn’t always been the most diverse setting for a Black woman. This time last year, the #PullUpOrShutUp movement called out beauty brands for their lack of representation in their board rooms, in commercial advertising and even marketing strategies. According to a 2018 Nielsen report titled “Black Dollars Matter: The Sales Impact of Black Consumers,” the Black community spends nearly nine times more than our non-Black counterparts on ethnic hair and beauty products. Moreover, we were in the 79th percentile of mass cosmetic consumers compared to white consumers, who were in the 16th percentile in 2019, as reported by Healthline.

With the numbers and statistics adding up as they do, wouldn’t it make the most sense to cater to your billion-dollar buying audience and their needs? Thankfully, brands such as Maybelline have tapped into the conversation of diversity, equity and inclusion by being one of the

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How These Men In The Music Industry Are Redefining Masculinity | Lil Nas X, Harry Styles, Kid Cudi & More

Photo: Music Industry

I personally love this emerging movement of men embracing their artistry and gender expressions through the use of clothing and style. It is refreshing to watch men be men without sacrificing their creativity and sensitivity to meet society’s standards. It is effective in challenging the gender stereotypes that have taken over our lives and the perceptions we may have of people. Many men in the entertainment industry have donned themselves in attire that would be categorized as feminine but it seems to be happening more frequently in the music industry.

Of course, we can’t forget musical icons such as Prince, David Bowie, and Freddy Mercury, who all paved the way for current fashion idols and served as influential muses for these current celebrities. However, the topic seems to matter more today than in any other generation. We are battling a lot of bigotry

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Significance Of Computer Technology In Pharma Industry

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Fashion Industry Reacts To Death Of Designer Alber Elbaz


unday brought shocking and sad news to Paris and the entire fashion community as Alber Elbaz, 59, died due to complications from Covid-19. The designer is best known for his revival of the legendary Parisian fashion house Lanvin after stints at Geoffrey Beene, Guy Laroche and Yves Saint Laurent. He recently returned to collection design with the launch of AZ Factory in partner with Richemont. He is survived by life partner Alex Koo.

The Morrocan-born Israeli fashion designer was more than beloved by the industry; he was equally adored and respected for his feminine creations as he was for an effusive attitude towards dressing women and soul-baring nature. Aside from semi-annual

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