Fashion Model Oren B. Segal Shares What It Takes To Dominate The Industry

By Storyhub

Oren B. Segal (ascend 9)

The modeling and fashion industries are hard to break into and even harder to become an icon. With the large number of professionals in the field, it’s hard to get job opportunities, much less stand out from other fashionistas. However, fixating on the extreme competitiveness in the fashion world will only limit you. To dominate the industry, you have to work on who you are and use your uniqueness.

Oren B. Segal is someone who is increasingly gaining attention in the world of modeling. He has overcome many obstacles before he got to where he is now. If not for his qualities as a fashion enthusiast and professional, his current level of success would have been out of his reach.

Being a model comes with a lot of rejections, uncertainties, and challenges. This is why if you don’t have enough love for fashion, you might find yourself lacking the tenacity to persevere. Based on Oren’s experiences, he can say his perseverance has paid off. His love for modeling and fashion was his fuel to never give up.

When it comes to modeling and what can help you with your career, Oren believes fitness is essential. Maintaining your physique and being in good health will give you the confidence and strength to pursue your goals. This is precisely the reason why Oren never forgets to take care of his health and exercise to keep fit.

Besides your passion for modeling and fitness, you have to be unique and bring something to the table that others can’t replicate. This matters in this industry. This is because, as mentioned before, the fashion scene is competitive, and there will be countless others who are more experienced and have better connections than you. However, if you possess something unique that no one else has, you can stand out from your competitors.

It may sound like a difficult thing to find out what sets you apart, but it’s actually simpler than you think. By nature, every single person is different from each other. This means that if you use that innate uniqueness you have, then you won’t be like everyone else. In fact, wearing something that represents him rather than following the trends is something that Oren has always attempted to do.

Lastly, you must have a clear purpose for pursuing fashion besides your interest in it. Whenever you feel like giving up, you will have something to hold on to as a reminder that you’re doing this whole modeling scene for a greater purpose. In Oren’s case, it’s spreading kindness, helping people, and making an impact on the world by simply doing what he loves to do.

Due to these qualities that Oren has, he has been able to climb up the ladder towards fame. There are tens of thousands admiring his sense of fashion on Facebook and Instagram, and his brand is steadily growing. He plans to reach even greater heights in the industry in the future.