WHEELERSBURG — Enhanced Beauty Medical Spa cut the ribbon in the grand opening of their new business Friday, February 11.

“This has been around a year long process and we are so excited,” said Tabbetha Carver, APRN.

Carver said they started the business to help people feel better about themselves.

“We were getting botox and fillers ourselves and we felt really good when we got it,” said Carver. “We decided we’re medical providers so why not learn how to do this ourselves and open up a business to help other people feel better about themselves.”

Carver said their business title came from wanting to enhance others natural beauty.

“We want to help reduce the stigma associated with aesthetics, I think a lot of people think ‘Oh, they’re plastic’,” said Carver. “We all deserve to take care of ourselves and have self love and self care and it’s not just for woman, it’s for men too.”

The spa consists of a trained medical staff.

“We have an ER Physician, Ashley Brown, who is our medical director, I am Tabby, I’m a Nurse Practitioner and an injector, Kimberly Pope and Elizabeth Loan are both Nurse Practitioners and injectors, and Harlee Hall-Carpenter who is an RN, injector, and our social media person,” said Carver.

The spa is mostly family owned.

“Everyone is family except Harlee, she is a Critical Care Nurse that worked under me at SOMC and we became instant best friends, Elizabeth is our mother, Kimberly is the youngest of three sisters, I’m the middle child, and Ashley is the oldest,” said Carver. “It’s crazy because we are all family.”

The spa also has two Licensed Massage Therapist, Bon Scott and Wanda Moran.

Services at the spa include: Botox, Facial Filler, Lip Filler, PDO Lifting Threads, PDO Smooth Threads, Microneedling, Facials, Massages, and Dermaplaning.

“We offer fillers to make lips more plump and cheeks more plump which can also help with under eye bags, we can put filler in fine lines and wrinkles, we can help a lot with acne scars with smooth threads or microneedling, we offer massages for relaxation, sports, pregnancy, and deep tissue,” said Carver.

The spa also offers body wrap treatments.

“We have a pain relief back treatment, a Himalayan super fruit body peel which is a great exfoliator if you’re getting ready for a spray tan, and my favorite we have is an espresso body wrap which helps reduce cellulite, it’s exfoliating, detoxifying, and slimming but the greatest thing is you get an energy boost from the espresso,” said Carver.

Located in Wheelersburg, Carver said the spa is very relaxed and close to home.

“We provide personal on-site consultations with certified medical staff who educate clients on the services best suited for their needs and the science behind them,” said Carver.

Carver said they hope to expand in the future.

“Our goal is to grow out of this space within this year and to become a full service medical spa for our community because I feel like we have a lot of great places around here but we just want to have the most boujee place where everyone can just feel at home and feel like themselves,” said Carver.

Carver said they were thrilled with the turnout.

“We were kind of nervous and not sure if it would be super busy but this is more than we expected and we’re thrilled,” said Carver. “Honestly we’re so blessed and thankful that the community is putting their trust in us to take care of them and showing up.”

For more information go to www.enhancedbeautyohio.com or call (303) 529-9548.

Enhanced Beauty Medical Spa staff during the ribbon cutting for the grand opening of their Spa.

Tabbetha Carver, who does injections and aesthetics at Enhanced Beauty Medical Spa.

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