Real-life Rapunzel who went gray as a teen is now a viral beauty

Hair so long it needs its own measuring tape.

A Hungarian woman with tresses for days is a real-life Rapunzel, letting down her hair for the internet masses.

Farmworker Anna Shepherd, 30, was once bullied as a teenager when her hair went prematurely gray. But now she’s showing up her haters with viral fame: The silver-haired beauty has a 16,000-person following on Instagram, where she shows off her 5-foot-long mane in stunning rural locations.

Shepherd found her first gray hair when she was only 13. At the time, her schoolmates would mock her, calling her names like “Cruella” — the villain from the animated flick “101 Dalmatians,” she told News Dog Media.

When she was a teenager, she asked her mom to let her dye her hair to a normal shade so she wouldn’t get bullied.

“I was so sad and worried that I would look old,” she told

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Vogue Editors Choose Their Favorite Beauty Products From 2021

As you might imagine, beauty editors try what feels like endless amounts of products each year as we try to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in the market. But with that, some products seemingly don’t leave a lasting impression, while others earn a permanent spot in our ever-changing beauty cabinets.

From highly-anticipated launches like Ariana Grande’s R.e.m. Beauty to freshly discovered viral products, 2021 welcomed many impressive bits that we think you should know about. And so, below, you’ll discover Vogue’s beauty team’s edit of the best products we tried in 2021. Happy shopping!

Celia Ellenberg, Beauty Director

Jones Road Miracle Balm

How Bobbi Brown managed to get the trademark for this name continues to boggle the mind; similarly incomprehensible is how the standout multitasking lip-cheek-eye color from Brown’s new clean makeup brand applies with the perfect hint of nuanced color. That it’s also formulated

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Cicely Tyson: The Actor Who Redefined Black Characters and Black Beauty

It was an important realization. My early ambition was to be an actor, and the few Black women I saw on TV and in movies — Diahann Carroll, Nichelle Nichols — were glamorous, but emotionally inaccessible, as “done” as their impeccable hair and makeup. Ditto the street superheroines like Teresa Graves and Tamara Dobson in the so-called Blaxploitation movies of the 1970s; as Christie Love and Cleopatra Jones, they were beautiful and confident but seemed to propagate an urban myth of Black people as Teflon-tough. In contrast, Tyson embodied, and embraced, the resilience of everyday life that was informed by clear moments of doubt, and even despair. She was regal but regular, qualities emphasized by her dark skin that for generations had consigned Black women to playing archetypal maids or mammies (the epitome of Teflon) when they got roles at all.

Next to her acting acumen, across a seven-decade career

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Jodie Comer’s favourite beauty products

“I think my view on beauty has changed massively,” reveals Jodie Comer, the multifaceted actress redefining what it means to be a heroine on our screens. “Now beauty to me means comfort, feeling happy, content… feeling like myself.”

In this exclusive video for Bazaar, our former cover star and Women of the Year award-winner reflects upon her relationship with beauty. “I used to wear a lot of make-up whereas now I feel more comfortable wearing less make-up,” she continues. “I think it’s probably become a lot simpler.”

Comer, who shot to fame playing Villanelle in hit series Killing Eve, recalls some mistakes she made along the way. “I remember when contouring and highlighting came in pretty strong and I used to do a triangle of concealer, a big line of contour and draw these lines around my face. That was one [beauty mistake]; I’ve had many!” She says

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