8 Jewelry Styling Habits That You Should Start Doing Fashion & Jewelry Tips

8 Jewelry Styling Habits That You Should Start Doing Fashion & Jewelry Tips

Jewelry is something that not every woman is accustomed to wearing.

With millions of styles and hundreds of different types, it’s understandable that it can be intimidating for a lot of people. After all, it can be hard to experiment with your style without drowning in self-consciousness.

But don’t fret— we prepared a great guide to help you start your journey with jewelry. We’re not going to tell you how to style yourself (you’re the only one who can determine your best style!) but rather, some styling habits that you can do to help yourself find the right jewelry and style for you.

Here are some of our tips and styling habits that you should definitely start doing:


  1. Start With The Basics

Resorting to basic jewelry is the safest way that you can do it if you’re unsure which jewelry to wear for a specific occasion or outfit. The same goes if you want to start building your own jewelry collection.

Jewelry enthusiasts, no matter how many new trends and fads surface, still go back to trusted jewelry designs because these types of jewelry are the easiest to wear without making a fashion faux pas. But what is considered basic jewelry?

Fluffy Heart Earrings

It depends on your fashion sense if you’ll label something as basic jewelry. But generally, basic jewelry is characterized by staple, unassuming, and all-around pieces that you can wear on any occasion. For some, it can be minimalist jewelry and for others, it can be the jewelry classics like pearls, gems, and other precious stones.


  1. Curate A Small Collection

If the act of choosing your jewelry daily becomes a choice, then that is a sign that you have way too much on your plate.

The trap of jewelry collecting is collecting too much that you don’t even have the time or energy to actually wear and appreciate each piece. If you’re just starting with a jewelry collection, it can be tempting to buy everything that catches your attention. But that might not help you develop your sense of style.

So curate a small collection that you know you’ll wear and love!


  1. Wear It Everyday

Wearing jewelry, no matter the size takes a bit of time to get used to. At first, it will feel a little foreign and weird, but eventually, you’ll get used to wearing jewelry and accessories that it will become second nature to you.

Multi-layers Tassel Pearl Earrings

So wear your jewelry every day —even at home! This gives you a good opportunity to not only “break-in” your jewelry but also experiment with different styles on your own.


  1. Know Your Sizes and Features

True jewelry fashionistas know that you are the one wearing the jewelry —not the other way around.

You know if a good piece of jewelry is for you if it accentuates your best features and it doesn’t shadow your true style. To find that jewelry, you should first know your own sizes and features.

At the very least, you should have a good familiarization with your ring sizes, the shape of your neckline, and more. Knowing these sizes will help you buy the appropriate jewelry that is stylish and will suit you.

Know Your Sizes and Features for jewelry wearing

You should also take note of your skin color and undertones. Knowing which metal goes best with what shade will create a good impression on your features and it’s just a good practice to be mindful of. The same goes for gem colors and jewelry materials.

Knowing your sizes and features is even more important if you’re shopping jewelry online and you can’t try it on first to check if it complements you and your style.


  1. Mix High-End With Low-End

The best advice that we could give to a fashionista-on-a-budget is to not shy away from mixing high-end pieces with low-end ones.

The price of jewelry is really on a vast scale —you can get dollar jewelry at a boutique store or hundreds to thousands worth of pieces on designer fine jewelry. But the trick to styling your jewelry is to not be afraid of wearing jewelry from a different range of prices.

This is even more important if you’re just trying out jewelry and finding your style. Things can get expensive pretty quickly when it comes to jewelry so know the pieces that you want to be affordable and chic and what pieces you want to invest in.


  1. Experiment With Layers

Once you get a great feeling of wearing jewelry, now you can step out of the box and freely style your own pieces.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wearing them at their face value but you can get so much more if you know how to properly style them. A great way to do so is by layering.

layered necklaces

Layering can be done with basically all jewelry pieces: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it but your main goal is to create a beautiful ensemble of accessories without looking too bulky or heavy. Nowadays, it is very common to witness fashion women wearing layered necklaces and by all means render their own unique beauty and statement.


  1. Have A Go-To Statement Piece

Not everyone is comfortable with wearing statement pieces but when the time comes that you need that extra “oomph” in your style, a statement piece is a perfect way to encapsulate your fashion spirit.

Statement pieces are anything that captures attention. It’s more than your regular daily-drive jewelry and it’s usually worn as is. So on the days when you don’t feel like layering your accessories or you want your outfit to be cohesive on a certain look, wearing a piece of statement jewelry can help you bring out your style.


  1. Have Fun In Wearing Jewelry

The most important habit of all—have fun with what you wear.

The world of jewelry and fashion is such a fun place to be but it can also be pressuring to some. It’s important that you don’t feel any pressure in following certain trends and styling methods to the point that you don’t feel good in what you’re wearing.

Remember that jewelry is a reflection of your own personality. At the end of the day, it’s your choice on how you style yourself!

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