How Argentium Silver Will Change Your Life

How Argentium Silver Will Change Your Life

With Peter Johns

If you haven’t used Argentium silver before, you’re missing out. In this episode, we talk with the inventor of Argentium silver himself, Peter Johns. Peter shares the fascinating story behind the creation of this material, and he answers some of our jewellers top questions about working with Argentium, sharing tips for soldering, fusing Argentium with gold, hardening, polishing, and much more.

Episode Description:

  • Today we’ll be talking with Peter Johns, the inventor of Argentium silver (1:25)

  • How did you become a maker? (2:53)

  • Why did you decide to invent this new material? (7:40)

  • When was it ready to sell? (14:47)

  • What are the benefits of using Argentium silver? (18:40)

  • What is the difference between 925 and 940? (28:33)

  • What is the best way to fuse Argentium with gold? (38:32)

  • Can you share any tips for soldering Argentium? (40:17)

  • Can you cast Argentium? (47:56)

  • How do you recommend heat hardening? (50:49)

  • What are your tips for polishing and finishing Argentium? (55:45)

  • How to learn more about Argentium (1:00:37)

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Peter is the named inventor of Argentium Silver’s world-wide patented technology and therefore has the longest association with the business.  He brings practical experience as a silversmith, with a unique insight into silver production from both craft and industrial manufacturing perspectives. 


Peter trained and worked as a silversmith for twelve years and is a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths.  During his apprenticeship he won a Gold Medal at The International Apprentice Competition, as well as several awards for craftsmanship.  His masterpiece to gain the Freedom of The Goldsmiths’ Company was a silver cross, which is now the Processional Cross used at Canterbury Cathedral.  Peter is also a Fellow of The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths.  Through his research into silver alloys, he has developed international links and working relationships with leading manufacturing companies.


Through his work as a lecturer in the School of Art & Design at Middlesex University (UK), he began his initial research into preventing firestain in sterling silver, which led to the development of Argentium Silver.  His further research at the University revealed that alongside firestain resistance, Argentium alloys display a range of other superior attributes including tarnish resistance, unique hardening properties, the ability to be fused to itself and other metals and being hypoallergenic.


Peter is currently a consultant for Argentium International Limited – directing product development for Argentium Silver alloys.He is also responsible for promoting the technical benefits of Argentium Silver through lectures, presentations and practical demonstrations across the globe, including presenting his research at the world-famous Santa Fe Symposium, held in Albuquerque, USA

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