Day: February 16, 2021

‘SNL’ host Regina King is Gorilla Glue hair victim seeking legal compensation: ‘You are not alone’

“Saturday Night Live” guest host Regina King starred in a skit taken from today’s viral headlines – as a woman who used Gorilla Glue in her hair to disastrous results.

The woman seeks legal compensation in a spoof of accident lawyer commercials.

“If this has happened to you, you are not alone,” said King’s Latrice Commode, not only a victim but half of the law firm Commode & Commode. “This is not your fault.”

“Fact: Every day as many as one people fall victim to using Gorilla Glue as a beauty product and they deserve compensation,” she said, standing next to partner Denzel Commode (Kenan Thompson), who has suffered the same hair mishap using the fast-bonding glue.

“It’s a mistake that could happen to anybody, like brushing your teeth with Preparation H,” said Latrice Commode.

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