Where do the Norwegian keep their shoes? In or outside the house?

How a Trip to Norway Can Make You a More Caring Person

One of the most famous things about Scandinavian culture is their insistence on taking shoes off at the door before proceeding inside. If you have ever been invited as a guest by a Scandinavian family, you will be familiar with this necessary action.  It is part of a tradition that has become so firm among the Norwegians that guests are expected to follow it too. Most Norwegian locals keep pairs of slippers or soft shoes which they wear after entering through the front door. Some families also own extra ones for guests who are offered to exchange their shoes upon their arrival. This cultural practice holds a lot of importance to Scandinavian households and has some positive aspects:

Cleanliness and hygiene

The “no shoes inside” policy of the locals is a practical measure to keep their houses clean and pure from mud and germs. Because Norway has a wet climate throughout the year, bringing shoes worn outside will accumulate a lot of dirty slushes all over the interior. Therefore, leaving wet boots outside the house saves people a great deal of hassle of repeated cleaning and mopping the floors. Norwegian shoes have an allotted position: the house’s exterior.

The homes in Norway are designed to give a cozy and warm environment which cannot be maintained if shoes are brought inside. Every house is unspotted and sparkling owing to this rule of leaving unclean shoes at the door.


Changing into soft slippers or sandals is far more comfortable, as they are specifically made for use inside the house. You can check the ReviewsBird site for accurate details about house shoes.

Abandoning the rugged boots outside the door is a relief after a long day outside. The house shoes or slippers are a welcoming change that keeps you cozy. Furthermore, it is perfectly fine and quite normal to roam around the house in socks without worrying about getting them dirty. You don’t have to feel embarrassed if you are wearing silly colored ones under your shoes because Norwegian people don’t notice such things or mind them at all. 


It is regarded as a show of respect to take off your shoes at the door when you visit a Norwegian household as a guest. It exhibits a sense of acknowledging their traditions and makes you feel like one of them. Your hosts will welcome you with a pair of soft slippers that blend in with the cozy environment of their home. 


All cultures have unique values. Traveling around the world gives you golden opportunities to learn and adapt to the ones which can help make the world a better place. Many visitors to Norway are impressed by Norwegians’ caring and warm attitude towards guests. Many also appreciate this rule of not allowing shoes to be brought inside, saying that it is one of the best things about their culture. So if you plan to visit Norway, remember shoes are to be left outside the door!

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