What I’d Recommend Buying From Beauty Pie’s Festive Offering

What I’d Recommend Buying From Beauty Pie’s Festive Offering

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

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*This post contains a collaboration with Beauty Pie & gifted products

Beauty Pie* do so many things well; newsletters (I literally read every single one from top to bottom), social media sneak peeks (I lap up at the looks inside the labs), listening to customer feedback (I feel nail care might be on the horizon!), but they really know how to do gifting. It’s easily my most-gifted brand throughout the year in terms of things that I put together for friends and family, but come the festive period they always step it up a notch and make their offering even more alluring. *Want to check it out? Here are my top picks…


*Latest & Greatest Kit – I mean of course this was going to be on here, although I’ll eat a banana if it’s still in stock by the time this post goes live! Featuring 14 full-size items, in 12 packages, with a deluxe size EDP, one signature tote bag and one surprise (all presented in a *gorgeous* dark green vanity case) – it features an array of classics, old and new. Not going to lie, I’d want to keep this one for myself!

*Lip & Nail Co-Ordinates in The Go-To Nudes & Evening Glamour – These great little sets come in at £25 and house three full-size products; a nail polish, a lipstick and a corresponding lip liner. I feel like these would make a great gift for a Secret Santa recipient who you know digs a bit of beauty. I’ve road tested the lip liners already, and let me tell you they LAST.

*Fir Balsam, Sandalwood & Sweet Orange Luxury Scented CandleOk, ok if you’re twisting my arm and making me pick a favourite here from the gifting line-up, then THIS IS IT. I’m not normally a huge fan of pine-y Christmas candles – give me a spiced one any day of the weekbut, this one bucks the trend of smelling like a car air freshener and instead smells like you’re in a forest, with a mulled wine in front of you that’s piping hot and packed with orange slices. Seriously. If I had to pick one thing, it would be this.

*Angélique’s Letters Eau De Parfum & Figuier De Dalmatie Eau De Parfum – Perfume is a classic gift choice and both of these are new to the BP scene and limited edition. For reference I’m not someone who loves a heavy scent, but both of these have a light, fruity tone to them which I feel makes them pretty suitable across the board for most scent preferences. Angélique’s Letters is a fresh, but slightly smokey scent with notes of lemon, cinnamon and sweet tobacco and Figuier De Dalmatie is a fruity, fig scent that nods to frangipani, fig wood and vanilla – a good all-rounder.

However, if you fancy putting together your own Beauty Pie* bundle, I can personally recommend the following which I’ve gifted to friends many a time, and more often than not they come back and ask for more. Cheeky, but I’m happy to oblige…

*Soul Providers Body Wash & Body Scrub – These two products are always my gifting starting point. I’ll go for one or both of these and then build a kit from that. It’s just a great little pampering duo, and the SCENT?! Citrus heaven.

*Super Healthy Skin Lip Balm – You know when you just find a fab lip balm? One that nourishes, but isn’t greasy? One that actually feels like it does something? This is that. Plus points for the SPF30 – a great one to gift all year round.

*Redcurrant & Fig Scented Candle – I know you’re bored of me banging on about this candle, but it’s just my favourite candle. The end. Plus every friend I’ve ever bought this for has always asked me to put in an order for them for another one. It’s a crowd-pleaser for sure.

*100% Silk Hair Scrunchies – People need to stop sleeping on these! I think they are one of BP’s most underrated gems! I’ve never gifted these to someone without them commenting on how life-changing they have been. Silk scrunchies that actually hold your hair up. Amazing.

*Plantastic Hand Cream – I always keep a tube of this next to my bed so I remember to incorporate it as part of my evening beauty routine. It’s great in that it’s not too heavy, so soaks in quickly and who doesn’t love a hand cream?

*Footopia Foot Cream – This is just a straight-up foot cream. No bells and whistles, just a simple formula that gets the job done and moisturises your feet with a fast-absorbing formula that makes your heels super soft come the morning.

*Dr Glycolic Foot Peel Socks – Ok these are a bit of a comedy gift in a way because they do actually make your foot skin fall off as though you are shedding, BUT they work. It’s a talking point for sure. A good one to throw in with the previous two picks and maybe a nail polish of your choice, as a little mani/pedi set.

Remember that Beauty Pie are currently offering a 30 day free trial, or if you fancy signing up to the annual membership, then use my code ANNAEDITSENTME to get £10 off the annual fee!

Photos by Mark Newton

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