The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

A memorable Valentine’s Day gift is an ideal way to celebrate your love. Various gifting options are available today, but they don’t always feel personal and meaningful. Knowing your partner’s quirks and personality traits can make a good gift great. In this article, let us look at how you can find the perfect gift for your perfect person:

The Traveller:

With the pandemic, your special someone has likely missed their travel goals. But you can keep their wanderlust alive with some gifts that remind them of their best travel moments. Here are some pandemic-proof travel-related gifts.

  • Photo collage of trips taken together: Cherish the nostalgia of your travels with your partner with this. It’ll surely be refreshing to revive some old happy memories through this.
  • Travel Organisers: This is the safest bet for travellers. No matter what, they will always need an organiser. Organisers can come in various forms, but the best option is the pouch-shaped ones, as they can fit into any bag and be stored easily.

The Homebody:

The exact opposite of a traveller, homebodies love being at home. These gifts will want them to stay inside more and enjoy their time.

  • Weighted Blanket: Weighted blankets are cosy, heavy and comforting. They are perfect for someone who loves sleeping in.
  • Scented candles: Nothing better than a warm candle. Candles are beautiful, soothing, and also practically helpful. Every time your loved one lights the candle, they will be reminded of you. Find out the kind of fragrances they like and choose one wisely.

The Nostalgic One:

We all have that one person who loves to indulge in nostalgia and think about old memories. The best gift for them is new happy memories that will constantly remind you of them.

  • Jewellery from Gehna: Jewellery is a great way to win a spot in your partner’s heart and make them feel special. Gehna’s eternity bands can be an excellent gift for couples. Their unique gems and designs should not be missed.
  • Video log: Create a fun video of your and your partner’s memories and share it with them this Valentine’s Day. These videos are entertaining to watch and can make for a good night experience.

The Fashionista:

Fashionistas are also difficult to please. While gifting clothes is always a great option (as they can never have enough of it), you might also want to do something different and unique:

  • Unique jewellery: Jewellery is a superb gifting option. But if you are looking to gift something different, check out Gehna India’s necklace and charms collection. The charms have unique designs of snowflakes, sapphire stones etc., so you’re sure to find something that your partner will love.
  • Closet organising service: Fashion lovers often find it challenging to organise clothes because of the volume of clothes that they may have. So gifting them a professionally-managed wardrobe would be extremely helpful to relieve  their stress. It will also help them find some hidden gems in their closet, all thanks to you.

Quality-time lover:

If your partner’s primary love language is quality time, they may not be as pleased with materialistic gifts. So how can you make Valentine’s Day special for them?

  • Gift an experience: If your partner has always wanted to try something new, give them a ticket to those experiences, rather than materialistic gifts. These could be a pottery class, a solo movie date etc.
  • Gift your time together: No, we don’t mean spending time with your partner. You can spice it up by planning activities together. Some fun activities are a spa session, painting session, workout session etc.


We hope this gifting guide gave you some direction to choose a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. Ultimately, this day is all about expressing your love, and a thoughtful, well-meaning gift can win hearts.

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