The New

You guys know I love a good aesthetic & was long overdue for a proper vibe check.

After years of blogging, things have changed…. SH*T- I have changed. As I have evolved through the years, I have alway wanted this space to evolve with me… & right now, in my life, simple is the move.

Quality over quantity, less is more- you know the deal.

SO- we did just that. is still a blog,  but now it’s so much more than JUST that. It’s home base, and it’s simplified to make getting the content YOU want easy (& aesthetically pleasing).

On the homepage you have quick & easy access to the blog, Fashionkush (MY BABY!!!), all my HOLY GRAIL purchases otm, the Instagram feed, & my YouTube channel.

That said, we can’t ignore the fact that the blog is no longer the primary focus here… let’s discuss, shall we? In full transparency, I have been blogging for 10 years & I have covered A LOT of topics. The blog, at this point, is like a dictionary of ALL the things, and although it’s my first born- it’s no longer the only thing I am doing. I have many different creative outlets happening that I want to share with you guys that need space too. Ya feel?

DON’T FRET- THE BLOG EXISTS & ALWAYS WILL. It will be home to important long form content that needs to be shared- like my series of wedding posts breaking don all the details and photos from our wedding (bear with me, waiting on the professional photos!).

Not to mention, the blog is so much easier to navigate with this fresh lewk- all posts on one page and you can filter by category. GENIUS, RIGHT?

The other new feature I am loving is the SHOP page– this is where you will find all the things I love, talk about on social, and buy for myself. ALSO- VERY EASY TO NAVIGATE. This was big for me, I wanted to make things simple & straight forward so check it out so you can see how easy it is to toggle through the different categories (is it weird this stuff excites v much me lol?). The shop page will be updated weekly with all the random sh*t I buy on Amazon at 2am- pinky promise :).

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT- I think that covers it. I hope you guys love the new look as much as I do!!! It’s all the “Fashionlush” vibes, don’t you think? 🙂

xoxo, Erica

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