The Diversity Of Style In Country Music

Bolos, calico print shirts- some with fringes, blue jeans, a Stetson, and let’s not forget the boots. There’s a culture around Country Music, of fashion, food, pick-up trucks, that all center around family, friends, heart break, and love. All of this will collide next week in Nashville at the Country Music Associations (CMA’s) music festival that starts June 9th and ends June 12th.

One of the bigger acts that will take place at the Nissan Stadium is Lainey Wilson. The 30-year old singer from Baskin, Louisiana is a bell-bottom pants fiend. Her retro vintage fashion is seen in every one of her shows. “I call my style of my music and my aesthetic bell bottom country,” she said in a 2021 Forbes interview. “The whole bell bottom thing- well, I love things that come along with a good story, whether it’s an older song or throwback clothes. I can go into a vintage shop and see a shirt I like and be like, ‘I like that,’ and I might not know the story behind it, but it just feels nice to wear something that has character and know that there’s a story within the clothes, or there’s a story within the song. I’m a sucker for a good story.”

The thing about Country Music is that while many may think that every singer and fan of the genre are boot wearing, jean pants or skirt totting people with a twang in their accent, it’s simply not the case. As the band Flatland Country sings, “Country is what Country means to you,” and this is what makes the genre diverse. Kane Brown, Dierks Bentley, Russell Dickerson, Keith Urban, and Tiera Kennedy are a few who are a part of the lineup of over one hundred artists. Their style is simple and doesn’t reflect the tradition of Country from the 70s’ and 80s’. Brown dresses more like a Hip-Hop artist on stage with jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie. The Grammy-winning singer Keith Urban has simple attire on stage with jeans, a t-shirt, and he’ll wear a leather jacket.

Sometimes Country gets cornered and it can be limited in scope with the stereotype of not being diverse in fashion, race, and sounds styles in subcategories like Country Rock, Country Soul, Country Rap, Bro Country, and Country Christian. As Lainey Wilson shows in her bell bottom country style, Kane Brown with his Hip Hop style, or Alan Jackson with his traditional country style, there’s a place for everyone to feel at home.

The festival will take place over four days happening in the heart of Music City, all being organized by CMA, with nightly concerts at the Nissan Stadium. Tickets can be purchased at A portion of the sales will go towards music education programs that are a part of the CMA Foundation. “We’ve been waiting two years to host Country Music fans from coast to coast and every corner of the world,” says Sarah Trahern, CMA Chief Executive Officer. “Now we’re two months out and the excitement is palpable! We can hardly wait to bring the Country community back together in June.”

Stay connected with CMA on, the Official CMA Connect App, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and sign up for CMA Country Connection emails to receive the latest news as soon as it’s announced. And ABC will be airing the CMA Fest television special, produced by Robert Deaton.

Listed at Billboard’s top 10 Best Country Music Festival, this is the longest running Country Music festival in the world. The last festival before the pandemic the 2019 festival was sold out at capacity with guests from every state and thirty-seven international countries. With diverse acts with unique style taste, CMA Fest 2022 is one of the biggest events of the year.