The Best-Dressed Models, Editors, and Designers at Men’s Fashion Week Share the Stories Behind Their Looks

Does this represent a typical look for you, or do you like to try new things during Fashion Week?

I’m pretty chill when it comes to getting dressed: a pair of shorts, a simple T-shirt, a sweater, a jacket. Lots of layers. I’m very much a West Coast dresser, and this is the amped-up fashion version of that. I bike, walk, scooter, and run from show to appointment to show, which is how I get around [the city] at any time of year. So with anything I’m wearing, I have to make sure it’s functional. That said, there have been reports of me biking around in a Thom Browne skirt…

Do you remember when this photo was taken, where you were going, or the shows you saw that day?

This was taken right outside Kim Jones’s spring 2020 show for Dior Men, the one when he worked with Daniel Arsham. It was at the Institut du Monde Arabe. Comme des Garçons Homme Plus had just finished on the complete other side of the city, and I booked it on an Uber Jump bike to get to the show on time. I was definitely out of breath. Even though a lot of us are on the same routes and could take cars, I much prefer this little break between shows—it really is the only way I can get any exercise during Fashion Week!

When Fashion Week resumes, will you wear this again? What else are you excited to wear?

Unfortunately with the borders still closed in Canada, I won’t be traveling to the shows in Europe this season. But I will continue to turn heads in these looks on the beach and out in nature here in Vancouver. I readily wear my fashion pieces out—I don’t think too much about keeping anything precious or away from the elements. For instance, that Marni shirt is really the perfect hiking piece; I’ve worn it hiking to the top of a local mountain. You can take off the top layer and tie it around your waist if you need to strip down just a little bit.

When I do return to the streets of Fashion Week, I’ll be bringing some of my nature-boy looks—definitely Birkenstocks and running shorts, plus a few vintage pieces I’m excited about. I’ll mix those with pieces from young designers who are making really researched and beautiful clothing, like Kiko Kostadinov, Chopova Lowena, Pronounce, Wander, and Connor McKnight.