The 4 Best Wandler Jeans Fashion People Are Losing It Over


Jasmine’s review: “Confession: I’m not a fan of most denim. The rationale behind this disdain is that I’m 5″4 and am curvy, so most jeans end up being too long, too baggy, or too tight. That being said, I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to try on Wandler’s denim. Usually, I wear anywhere from 27 to 30, depending on the brand and fit. Since I was nervous about the fit, I ordered Wandler’s black Poppy jeans in size 30. It was a miscalculation on my part, as I found they were a bit baggier and longer than I would have preferred and required me to style them with heels and consider adding a belt. 

“Even though I should have gotten them in a smaller size, I’m a huge fan of their shape because, based on styling, they can become your most versatile pair of jeans. When styled with boots, they look as if they’re wide-leg jeans, but with flats, the bunching gives this a Lower East Side baggy-pants look. Basically, they’re a two-for-one deal. I love the black wash on this pair because it’s dark enough to fool anyone into thinking they’re trousers, even though they’re not. In terms of the denim itself, it’s super soft but not that stretchy, so I’d definitely think about how you’d want them to fit and purchase accordingly. Sizing mishaps aside, I’d say these jeans are still stunning and worth investing in, as I can see them holding a space in my wardrobe for seasons to come.”

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