Adobe: Covid Fueled Online Shopping. Now 2022 Looks Like Another Banner Year.

Illustration by Elias Stein

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Now we know: Americans are hooked on buying a lot of stuff online. A new study says U.S. consumers will spend a record $1 trillion in online shopping in 2022. The study, part of the


Digital Economy Index series, noted that consumers shelled out $1.7 trillion online since the pandemic began, from March 2020 through February 2022, almost triple combined 2018 and 2019 online sales of $609 billion.

Adobe estimated 2021 U.S. online sales at $885 billion, up 9% from $813 billion in 2020, which in turn soared 41% from $575 billion in 2019. Adobe also found that prices rose for 21 consecutive months—as inflation grew more severe. In 2020, Adobe says, incremental online spending over 2019 totaled $237.9 billion, including $4.7 billion due to higher prices. More startling was that of the $72.2 billion of incremental spending in 2021, $22.2 billion reflected

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How Men’s Fashion Changed for the Better This Year

It’s a letdown that I’ve faced far too many times: You walk into a department store, past the fabulous and fun women’s clothes, only to find the men’s section is in a dingy basement and filled with sad, drab pieces. Unfortunately, the men’s market has historically been a snoozefest. While men in Hollywood have stuck to their classic tuxedos and suits on the red carpet, retailers have also clung to what sells (which is said classic suits, or simple pieces in quiet, neutral colors). I’ve often had to shop in the women’s section to find anything remotely adventurous and bold.

Save for the runways, where high-fashion labels like Versace and Gucci have long offered up innovative menswear designs, it’s truly been a bore to take in the men’s market as an obsessive fashion fan. Like the runways, I want my stores and stars to inspire me with a fantasy! Luckily,

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The 7 Best New Year 2022 Amazon Deals, According to a Shopping Editor

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As a shopping editor, I report on the best shopping events throughout the year and Amazon’s big New Year sale is one of them. As expected, it’s a great time to score savings on fitness gear, wellness items, and other New Year resolution must-haves, but there’s more. With deals on beauty products, fashion finds, kitchen gadgets, and home goods, you can score savings on all kinds of great finds.

January means that winter is officially here and considering how much time I typically spend indoors during the season, I’m planning to tackle a few home projects that will make my space look clean and feel cozy. Freeing up space in my closet and then giving it an overhaul will be easy with

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2021 was a year of hope, hardship and heartbreak for the fashion industry

If further proof was needed of the UAE’s growing prominence on the global fashion scene, it was enthusiastically provided by Giorgio Armani when he hosted his One Night Only fashion show at the foot of Burj Khalifa in October. His dazzling parade of womenswear, menswear and couture was promptly followed by Chanel bringing its cruise replica show to Dubai a week later, strengthening the emirate’s bid to become a global fashion capital.

The two shows built on the excitement generated by the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai, and were trailed by parties, launches and high-profile events such as the Global Gift Gala, which made its Abu Dhabi debut in December.

The overall mood was celebratory, something that Armani touched upon in an interview with The National while he was in Dubai. “I believe that Dubai is a really dynamic place, a truly modern city with enormous

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