Woman fires gun inside beauty store after employee confronts her over stolen wig

BATON ROUGE – Police are searching for a woman who fired a gun inside a store after she was confronted by staff for shoplifting and then proceeded to rob the business.

The Baton Rouge Police Department said the confrontation happened Friday afternoon at a beauty supply store on Airline Highway. The store’s owner said he approached the woman after he saw her stealing a wig.

Surveillance video showed the woman rummaging through her purse after he confronted her about the wig. The shoplifter then draws a handgun, fires a shot into the ceiling and points the gun at the owner, who runs toward the back of the store.

The woman is then seen grabbing more wigs before turning to an employee at the front register. The robber fled after the owner, who retrieved his own gun from the back, fired a single shot into the ground. 

The department said the

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Woman shares easy way she gets even eyeliner

WITH over one billion active users each month, TikTok has become the go-to for many when searching for inspiration and different hacks, especially ones that could save you some time.

From using a spoon to achieve the perfect cut-crease to squeezing your nose for a sharp contour, this social media giant definitely is home to some of the weirdest make-up tricks.

That's one way of doing it...


That’s one way of doing it…Credit: tiktok @meena.beauty

The TikToker, @meena.beauty, is famous for her extravagant eye make-up looks and she is always on the lookout for easier ways of applying eyeliner.

We all know the struggle of achieving an even eyeliner – it’s either wobbly, too thick or the lines don’t match on each eye; you’re left looking like you did your eyeliner with your left foot.

This make-up artist discovered a savvy way to make the process a little easier – but it’s left

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Kentucky Journalist Becomes 3rd Black Woman In A Row Crowned As Miss USA

Black America Web Featured Video


Beauty pageants represent different things depending on who you ask, but ultimately it’s a platform for women to feel self confident about themselves while also using their universal appeal to spread a bit of glamour throughout the world. At the very least, it’s also another good competition for hometown bragging rights.

One of the main issues many have related to pageantry in the past is the lack of diversity in contestants, which changed drastically in 2019 when Black women were simultaneously crowned as Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe for the first time ever.

After 2020 saw yet another Black beauty crowned as Miss USA with Mississippi’s own Asya Branch, it’s now happening for a third time in a row with 2021’s champ, Elle Smith of Kentucky.


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‘Beauty consultant’ arrested for butt injection that killed woman

A Houston woman was charged with manslaughter for performing an unlicensed silicone butt injection that killed a woman, officials said.

Lisa Fernandez, 47, was arrested on Tuesday for her involvement in the death of 38-year-old Marja McClendon of St. Louis, Missouri, who died days after her appointment with Fernandez at her apartment in 2018.

The self-identified “beauty consultant” had been working out of her home since 2004, according to court documents, obtained by KSDK. Fernandez obtained the silicone illegally and administered it incorrectly with a syringe.

McClendon was left in pain and feeling sick after her first round of injections on April 24, 2018, but she returned the following day to receive her second round of injections after Fernandez refused to give her a refund.

The second procedure had to be stopped multiple times due to McClendon being in severe pain, officials said.

McClendon began losing her breath and

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