FBI tips for shopping online this holiday season

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Online shopping can be an easy and convenient option during the holiday season. Whether by phone or laptop, purchases can be made with the click of a button, but this time of year is also a popular time for scammers looking for their next big payday.

“Anyone and everyone can and has been scammed,” said Dean Neubauer, a Special Agent with the FBI.

Neubauer says online scams have become more sophisticated over the years, with scammers using trust and believability to defraud people.

“They’ll start getting more sophisticated in the emails that they are sending where it’s one that you might expect and you might click on,” he said.

There are many ways people can protect themselves online. That includes looking for character substitutions in emails and websites.

“Make sure it’s a reputable site. There are resources out to find out like ‘Is this site legit?

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How to Return an Amazon Item Fast and Often Free Ahead of the Holiday Season

As online shopping has taken over the retail world, returning items to online store has slowly been streamlined over the last few years. Amazon’s return policy is pretty straightforward at this point, and in many cases, you can return an item from home without dropping it off anywhere. Here’s a quick explainer for Amazon returns and how to determine if yours will be simple.

If you try to initiate a return on something you purchased from Amazon, the site will typically instruct you to take the item to a UPS store, a Whole Foods or a Kohl’s store, among other vendors. If you’re looking for a way to avoid this step, you could start by carefully choosing the reason for your return. According to a report by CNET, the “reason for return” menu on Amazon’s site determines what will happen to the merchandise when you send it back, and

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Online shopping scams on the rise this holiday season

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Online purchase scams are the number one way people lose money during the holiday season, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Many small retailers transitioned to offering their products online during the pandemic. Little Luxuries, a gift shop on State Street in Madison is an example of a local business that did not sell products online before the pandemic but now does.

“We established our website at the beginning of last year and that amounted to 20 percent of our sales last holiday season,” said Little Luxuries owner, Amy Moore.

Moore says while many customers have returned to shop in store, the online site is a great alternative for customers who still don’t feel comfortable shopping in person as the pandemic continues.

For all online retailers, the 2021 holiday season is expected to break records for online shopping despite growing supply chain issues, higher prices, and

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Top supply chain trends to watch out during festive season sales in 2021

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With new festive demand expectations, online shopping sites and logistics providers in India are preparing their supply chains for festive season sales. In India, e-commerce has turned out to be a primary platform that supports and facilitates lakhs of MSMEs, kiranas, artisans and sellers.

Many e-commerce companies have geared up for the festive season sale to capture their customers’ attention. The businesses that win this festive season are the ones that clearly understand the shopping trends. Beyond knowing what customers want, it is necessary for them to know what type of supply chain trends are going to take place during this festive season.

5 Supply Chain Trends for 2021’s Festive Season Sales

The primary determinant of businesses attaining their sales targets and businesses failing to do so is the way they manage their supply chain operations. The supply chain and logistics decisions contribute heavily to

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