12th annual Men of the Desert fashion show benefits Animal Samaritans

Nearly 500 animal lovers donated between $200 and $250 to attend Animal Samaritan’s 12th annual Men of the Desert fashion show. All funds raised benefited the organization’s life-saving rescue program.

The Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau recommends that nonprofits spend no more than 35 cents on the dollar of its budget on administration and fundraising. Animal Samaritans spends only 10 cents on the dollar, which means the remaining 90 cents goes directly to support its mission and its services.

Animal Samaritans’ board member and News Channel 3’s Patrick Evans opened the event by acknowledging not only the board members in attendance, but also the volunteers and staff who made the program so successful.

Animal Samaritans' Tom Snyder addresses the crowd.

Capital Campaign

Following words by co-chairs Lori Serfling and Patrick Mundt, Animal Samaritans’ CEO Tom Snyder ascended the stage and shared that Animal Samaritans had rescued more than 14,000 animals and found

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Trendy Fashion Accessories For Men This 2021 Holiday Season


In this holiday gift guide for men, I will be featuring on-trend men’s accessories selected by myself and my fashion editor Pasquale Suriano. Our aim is to make your shopping as streamlined as possible while shopping. More to my point, the selections featured below are what men need and want to roll into the new year.

As a luxury fashion journalist allow me to be blunt; I don’t fancy gimmicky gifts as they tend to stray from the spirit of Christmas and the Holidays— where people take time in choosing heartfelt gifts for family and loved ones. Nothing expresses feelings more than a meaningful gift.

Needless to say, there is change in the air. And overall, men have changed their style in ways that align with modern times. In short, fashion and related industries

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The 20 Best Designer Sneakers for Men and Women, According to Fashion Experts

Sneakers are a bonafide wardrobe staple for men and women, not only for casual moments but also for dressy and even formal occasions. However, there’s a distinct difference from, say, the Chuck Taylor’s or Vans you’ve relished since youth and the best designers sneakers for women and men. Indeed, the eased cool factor of sneakers is one characteristic that separates the popular shoes from the rest of your footwear collection, including the most comfortable sneakers and walking shoes for women. But trendy sneakers of 2021 from top designers like Gucci, Balenciaga and Prada boast an esteemed and pragmatic air that’s unmatched. The luxuriousness is, of course, covetable, as is the inherent dignity you assume from wearing a high-end label. But the fashionable nonchalance of designer sneakers thoroughly sets them apart from all the others. In an instant, any outfit accessorized with a designer sneaker goes from adequate to lust-worthy.

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Everything a Groom Needs to Know About Wedding Suits for Men

Long gone are the days when the groom is exempt from bridal fashion. When it comes to wedding suits for men, there is certainly more that goes into a tux than meets the eye. “What people don’t usually understand is that there’s so much personalization that comes in a wedding tuxedo,” Ralph Fitzgerald, Huntsman’s U.S. cutter in residence, tells Vogue. “The biggest mistake a groom can make in their choice of suit is one that isn’t true to their personality.”

Of course, Fitzgerald’s philosophy is informed by London’s Savile Row, the street where the most revered of tailors can be found crafting the finest bespoke suits; it’s also where the British royal family sources their finery. He is accustomed to the couture-like practice in suiting and believes that the tuxedo a groom wears on his big day is more special than most. “Fabric, style, fit—every detail is

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