3 Women Give Their Honest Review

Between the shiny, millennial-centric brands delivering fresh drops through your letterbox, the more established, cult buys and the indie outfits selling a fine line in ‘natural and organic’ products, the beauty landscape has never felt more cluttered.

To help you to navigate this brave new world of retinol, AHAs, jade rollers and double cleansing, WH beauty editor, Perdita Nouril, is here to try and test the new drops that are making their way into her (very full) bathroom, via her new column, Beauty Dispatch.

Here, she’ll share the freshly released heroes that she loves: ready to let you know where to spend your skin and hair care cash.

This time around it’s The Ordinary Concealer. Oh, and she’s roped in two other make-up junkies so you can see how the new drop fares on different skin tones.

Let’s face it, The Ordinary is one of beauty’s biggest success stories.

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Why Did Lush UK Give Money to an Anti-Trans Group?

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Image: Finnbarr Webster (Getty Images)

Beauty brand Lush, which prides itself on natural ingredients and being a general friend of the planet, has reportedly also been a friend to Woman’s Place UK, an anti-trans women’s rights group in the United Kingdom. According to Pink News, financial statements on Woman’s Place UK’s website show a £3,000 contribution for “event organizing” from Lush. The money was generated through the company’s charity pot initiative, which anyone who has been to a store would be familiar with. Charity pot donations are made possible by the sale of creams and washes designated by special packaging often featuring animals in need or the ocean, and portions from the sale of those items go toward grants that Lush issues throughout the year.

While Woman’s Place UK purports to be a pro-women’s organization, its manifesto and its five demands to the British

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