How to Return an Amazon Item Fast and Often Free Ahead of the Holiday Season

As online shopping has taken over the retail world, returning items to online store has slowly been streamlined over the last few years. Amazon’s return policy is pretty straightforward at this point, and in many cases, you can return an item from home without dropping it off anywhere. Here’s a quick explainer for Amazon returns and how to determine if yours will be simple.

If you try to initiate a return on something you purchased from Amazon, the site will typically instruct you to take the item to a UPS store, a Whole Foods or a Kohl’s store, among other vendors. If you’re looking for a way to avoid this step, you could start by carefully choosing the reason for your return. According to a report by CNET, the “reason for return” menu on Amazon’s site determines what will happen to the merchandise when you send it back, and

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Fashion model discusses modern modeling ahead of Omaha Fashion Week | Culture

A bumping Lady Gaga remix song starts to play as ten men and women of varying sizes and ages confidently strut down a catwalk dressed in elaborate garments. Spectators applaud respectfully from the sidelines as each person appears and disappears behind the curtain at the head of the catwalk. The room is lit by purple lowlights, and the decor is classy with rows of clear chairs and chandeliers hanging high in the rafters. 

This is what a typical fashion show at Omaha Fashion Week looks like. This year, Omaha Fashion Week will run from Aug. 26-29 at the Omaha Design Center. The first three nights consist of fashion showcases, and the last day is a “sip and shop” event, featuring brunch, mimosas and bloody marys. 

Designers and models from all over the region come to Omaha to participate in this four-day fashion extravaganza. One such person is Erika Hansen, a

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Twelve Accessories That Will Keep You Ahead Of The Fashion Curve

UNITED STATES—Let’s be honest, us mere mortals are a little bit too busy to have our fingers constantly on the pulse of fashion and as such we can tend to miss out on the trends as they come and go with alarming regularity.

Some of these trends may be little more than a passing fad and others seem a step too far. This summer a lot of the big trends are with an eye to comfort and ease of use, this is no doubt a nod to the tough time we’ve been having of it lately with the pandemic.

Usually fashion trends are based far more on form over function but it seems in 2021 those who decide what’s in and what’s out are trying their hardest to make it easy for us mere mortals to keep up with trends AND retain a sense of calm and casualness. 


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‘Small sellers who experienced convenience of e-commerce selling unlikely to ignore this channel ahead’

a close up of a keyboard: Higher incomes in rural India and changing online habits will help e-commerce in a big way.

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Higher incomes in rural India and changing online habits will help e-commerce in a big way.

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Amongst the many disruptive trends that emerged due to the pandemic, one of the most prominent has been reverse migration. During the first spike in Covid-19 cases in 2020, an unprecedented 1.14 crore migrant workers from cities moved back to their villages. During the second wave of the epidemic, a repeat of the reverse-migration phenomenon played out, though with relatively less intensity. Delhi’s transport department reported that 8.07 lakh migrant workers from Delhi moved to their neighbouring home states in barely a month since April 21. The Indian Railways stepped up its operations to accommodate these migrants from cities like Mumbai, Pune, Surat, and Delhi.

The migrants were predominantly daily wage earners and people who contributed to the informal sector in the

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