NHL style power rankings: Tan plaid trending, an impact debut and a suit to sail away in

The end of the regular season brings with it a chasm in the NHL fashion scene. On one end, you’ve got players who didn’t qualify for the playoffs squeezing in their best fits of the year. On the other, you’ve got the calm before the storm, with players hoping to make a long run and saving their best looks for the brightest spotlight. For The Athletic’s NHL style power rankings™, it makes for some new faces and new looks.

Also, if you told me two years ago I’d be publishing the above paragraph on The Athletic dot com, I either wouldn’t have believed you or would’ve thought there must be some cool people reading.

In that spirit, before we get into the last style power ranking of the regular season, I want to thank the NHL fashion faithful for showing a real interest in this sort of thing. Through it all, we’ve gotten a glimpse into our favorite players’ personalities, and that’s what it’s all about.

10. David Pastrnak

Previously: No. 4
Highest all-time ranking: No. 1

Pastrnak had been out of the Bruins’ lineup for a while due to injury, but he came back and immediately gave us this. We will take it, and we can’t wait to see what Playoff Pasta will be wearing.

9. Carey Price

Debuting at No. 9

Scroll over to the eighth photo here:

It’s awesome to see Price back on the ice, and it’s just a bonus reminder that he’s always been one of the best-dressed NHL players. Both the hockey world and the fashion world are thrilled to have this man back.

8. Maxime Comtois

Previously: Unranked
Highest all-time ranking: No. 8

Fourth photo here:

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Comtois on this journey, it’s that he either loves Lululemon or is sponsored by Lululemon — maybe both! I almost docked a few points for the bag, but I added them back in the end because maybe he’s just a sustainable king reusing one bag and I’d love that for him. (If that’s not the case, though, someone hook this man up with a tote. It would’ve completed this outfit for sure.)

We’ve got the same vibes P.K. Subban was giving off last week, with the gray palette and a splash of another color. I’m loving it.

7. Pierre-Luc Dubois

Previously: Unranked
Highest all-time ranking: No. 1

Second photo here:

First here:

I love the eggplant-purple suit. I love even more that known dress code rebel Dubois posted the second picture to his Instagram story and added the caption “normalize normal clothes.” Sift through that whole slideshow and you’ll see more of the Jets — gasp — dressing down. I love the black denim from Evgeny Svechnikov. I love the vibes.

Has Dubois launched a full-blown rebellion?

6. Cole Caufield

Previously debuted at No. 1

Caufield is making his second consecutive style rankings appearance as his looks are continuing to blossom. I like the one-two punch of a three-piece, Easter situation then a more classic Canadiens red. He might be on a roll, but he isn’t a kid in a candy store and it looks like he knows when to unleash the more daring suits and when to keep it traditional. Loving this journey for you, Cole!

5. Jack Roslovic

Debuting at No. 5

Love the coordination between the shoes and the belt, love the tan (so hot right now!) plaid, love the shades, love the smile.

4. Juuse Saros

Debuting at No. 4

I would like to first commend the Predators for going full-team open collar against the Lightning last week. You come at the kings, you best not miss, and they didn’t. It also reminds me of middle school when you’d call your friend and say, “I’ll wear a skirt tomorrow if you wear a skirt,” and I know I wasn’t the only one who did this.

Anyways, Saros gets extra points for how well this color suits him, the hair, and of course the ‘stache.

3. Bokondji Imama

Debuting at No. 3

Imama’s NHL debut week outfits scream, “I’m here to enter the league and immediately score a goal,” and that’s just what he did. His sister also showed up to the arena extremely on-trend, so add Imama to the list of  NHL players who dress well and also have cool sisters.

2. Milan Lucic

Debuting at No. 2

Folks, I am begging for a Dallas vs. Calgary playoff matchup. Apparently so is Lucic. This man woke up after that thrilling wild, wild west Flames win and reminded us all with this outfit that the cowboys of the North prevailed.

He might want to invest in a slightly bigger leather jacket so he doesn’t have to walk around looking like Gumby, but I think that sort of adds to the allure.

1. Yanni Gourde

Previously: Unranked
Highest all-time ranking: No. 2

Gourde has nailed the nautical Kraken theme in their inaugural season without veering into gimmick territory. This is important, people!

When we look back at one of the most prominent players in the franchise’s first season, we’ll also get to reminisce on all the hype around the birth of this team.

(Top photo of Yanni Gourde courtesy of the Seattle Kraken.)