New Edition Marvel Encyclopedia Just $17.44 on Amazon (Regularly $40)

New Edition Marvel Encyclopedia Just .44 on Amazon (Regularly )

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Head on over to Amazon for an amazing deal on this New Edition Marvel Encyclopedia which is only $17.44 (regularly $40) when you clip the digital coupon!

Over 1,200 characters from across the Multiverse are featured within its 448 pages, making it an essential reference for any Marvel fan. This is the most comprehensive reference guide to Marvel Comics characters available, each character from iconic heroes and villains to lesser-known, supporting characters are included and each one is lavishly illustrated. Plus, Stan Lee penned the intro!

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Marvel Encyclopedia, New Edition Hardcover

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This is the GOAT Marvel reference. Say you don’t feel like buying $10,000 worth of Graphic Novels through the MCU – just buy this encyclopedia. It has the backstories of the best and brightest sagas and arcs since 1961 when Stan Lee created some of the greatest literature to ever exist.

Total Nerdvana for Marvel Universe geeks from the 90s and before to relive the good old days! This book is worth more than the price offered GUARANTEED, even to a beginning fan or someone who used to collect Marvel Universe Trading Cards back in the day!

This volume is a massive oversized hardback edition containing a whopping 448 pages absolutely crammed with information about every Marvel hero, villain, team, and event you could possibly want to know about, and is bang up to date and accurate up until the beginning of 2019.

Everyone gets their own entry and it covers everything from major characters like Captain America, Iron-Man, and Thor, to up-and-coming characters like Captain Marvel, to the less known or even the utterly obscure – hey, you want to read about Bi-Beast or Triathlon, they’re right here!

Bigger characters get several pages dedicated to their long histories, whereas lesser-known characters may get half a page or just a couple of inches. Each character has a biography and image(s), as well as information on their powers, height, weight, first appearance etc.

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