Kendall Jenner is basically naked in her latest fashion campaign

Photo credit: @jacquemus; @drewvickers - Instagram

Photo credit: @jacquemus; @drewvickers – Instagram

You only need to take a quick scroll through Kendall Jenner’s latest fashion choices to see that she has little problem showing off some skin. From her tiny floral bikini, worn whilst holidaying with beau Devin Brooker, to her even tinier aqua bikini, in her most recent throwback post, Kenny is all about embracing her bod with or without the addition of clothing. This confidence no-doubt came in handy when shooting the new campaign for hit fashion designer Jacquemus.

In the campaign, Kendall is sporting little more than a handbag, socks and heels whilst hanging from a rather flimsy looking rope with the help of a few green tennis balls. Ever had the desire to dangle from a rope whilst clothed in nothing but accessories? Yeah, me neither but somehow Kendall manages to make it look good.

The snap, taken by photographer Drew Vickers (@drewvickers), was posted on Jacquemus’ Instagram as a preview to the new La Montagne collection and shows Kenny perching effortlessly on a tennis ball in mid-air whilst naked. That is all except for a strategically placed bright pink over-the-shoulder handbag, some bright pink knee-high socks and a pair of, equally as bright and pink, open-toed mules.

Naturally, a barely-there look would be incomplete without some statement jewellery, so to finish it off some oversized gold hoop earrings have been added that work to complement the seductively draped gold chain of the handbag. Iconic much?

There’s no denying that Kendall looks phenomenal in the shot and when it comes to highlighting accessories, this definitely does the trick. Considering this is only a preview, I can’t wait to see the rest.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on my rope skills should Jacquemus be looking for some fresh talent next season…

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