Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This year, economists have said it will be more expensive than it’s been in decades to throw our annual Thanksgiving feast. Here are our tips on saving on ingredients this holiday season.

Make a List

Well in advance, you want to make a list of what you need to buy. Make sure to check your pantry and freezer for things you already have so you don’t buy anything twice.

Find out from any family attending what others might be making. Once you’re clear on what you need, put it all on a comprehensive list. 

Shop Early

Shop for non-perishables now. Supply is less than demand right now, so buy absolutely everything you can now before prices start to creep up even more as we get closer to Thanksgiving. 

Anything from the freezer section should also be purchased now and saved in advance. Don’t underestimate how great certain frozen items can be, so consider buying certain items from the freezer section to save even more. 

Coupons and Promos

There are certain price points that are going up no matter what. Things like turkey and cranberry sauce are going up for sure, so get what you can while you can use relevant and helpful coupons and deals. 

Remember to use store coupon apps while you’re shopping at specific stores. Start looking now at weekly ads to see what you can save on this week at your favorite retailers. If you start buying now and shop strategically, you will save on Thanksgiving dinner costs. 

Use Only One Protein 

Turkey is typically the main event at most Thanksgiving dinners, but occasionally some people like to add chicken, ham, or even cornish game hens to the mix. To save extra cash, just stick with one protein dish this year. 

Turkey is already going to cost premium prices, especially compared to last year. With this in mind, try to save what you can on the turkey and don’t spend extra on other meat dishes. 

Save on Drinks

Be strategic when buying drinks for your dinner guests. Buy things wholesale and at a discount, or buy products designed for large quantities. 

Soda is by far the most expensive drink you can try to buy enough of, so look for options like drink mixes and tea — things you can make yourself in large batches.

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