How GitiOnline Built A Loyal Customer Base

GitiOnline is an online fashion store that started as a retail store in Gainesville, Florida in 2003. The store has transitioned from a retailer to a wholesaler to an online store as it works to meet the fashion needs of women. With a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Giti has garnered a huge following. There is also a YouTube Channel to provide styling and fashion tips for women.

The global pandemic has left lasting effects on the economy and has negatively impacted a lot of businesses. Giti has managed to grow its customer base during the pandemic and has also become one of the most trusted names for affordable fashion.

The store prides itself on making women feel beautiful by offering them the latest fashion clothing and accessories and allowing them to express their style. Giti is well-known for its wide range of plus-sized clothing. The store meets the fashion needs of women of all shapes and has a special emphasis on plus-size clothing. They believe that fashion is for everyone and want to make it possible for every woman to feel comfortable and fashionable in their clothes.

Giti makes sure to follow the latest trends in fashion to stock products that are stylish and crafted by industry professionals to perfection. Its impressive selection has everything a woman would need for meeting her fashion needs. From dresses, tops, and bottoms to rompers, outwear, and beachwear, they have a wide range of products for women of all shapes.

They are successful in following the latest trends and styles in fashion. Giti offers fashionable and trendy clothes and accessories at affordable prices. Giti has emerged as competition for big fashion stores like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Things. Their ability to deliver products fast to their customers has been appreciated by all.

High-quality, stylish, and inclusive products at affordable prices set Giti apart from other stores. Giti made a transition from being a retail store to a wholesaler when it found that a lot of small retailers had trouble buying products from manufacturers. Since manufacturers needed orders in large quantities and small retailers did not want to buy in bulk for the fear of unsold inventory, Giti stepped in to act as the middleman and purchase in large quantities from manufacturers and sell in small quantities to retail stores. This allowed them to continue to grow as they recognized the new market trend and transitioned to a new role.

Giti then made its move to becoming an online store when it realized the huge potential of e-commerce. It now focuses heavily on its online store and the result has been nothing short of spectacular. They have a growing customer base and want to continue meeting the fashion needs of women.

The store is also working to make its products available globally by targeting international markets for expansion. With its loyal customer base, Giti plans to continue expanding its operations and grow by delivering the best experience for its customers.