Deciding Which Kind Of Christmas Jumper to Wear This Festive Season


If you haven’t yet chosen your Christmas jumper for this year, then it’s not too late. It can be overwhelming because there are many choices and places to look at. If you want something designer and more high-end, you could look at Zee and Co, an online store selling designer clothing. However, you don’t have to own or wear designer clothing to know how to be fashionable. There are so many other options for Christmas jumpers that you can choose from. You could choose something traditional, glamorous, iconic, or with your spin! The possibilities are endless when selecting which kind of Christmas jumper you should wear this festive season. 

1. Something Knitted

If you want to keep warm this festive season while still looking fashionable and full of holiday spirit, then a knitted Christmas jumper is the one for you. Choose one slightly oversized for comfort because you can wear it around the house when you want to be comfy, but you could pair it with some black pants and boots and then wear it out and about when doing errands. This kind of Christmas jumper is a staple and very underrated. 

2. Something Ugly 

If you want to take part in the tradition of wearing a Christmas jumper while also being your usual ironic and iconic self, then an ugly Christmas jumper is the perfect choice for you. If you have the confidence to wear an ugly Christmas jumper, you can make it look cool and iconic to the point where people don’t even think it’s ugly anymore. 

3. Something With a Slogan

A simple Christmas jumper with a slogan or funny joke on it is a low-key way option that is still very much part of the beloved Christmas tradition. There are many different options, from those with good wishes on them to funny jokes to bad puns and even to the simple words of “Merry Christmas” with the illustration of a reindeer. These kinds of sweaters also make for great conversation and icebreakers if necessary!  

4. Something Embellished

If you want something a little more “classy, ” there is a Christmas jumper for you too! However, if you want to look glamorous this festive season instead of wearing the traditional old-school Christmas jumper, why don’t you opt for an embellished one? This kind of Christmas jumper looks great paired with a mini skirt and some black boots to complete the glamorous look. 

5. Something Cropped

And finally, if you’re tired of the stock standard Christmas jumpers and want to try something different, why not try a slightly more modern option and wear a cropped Christmas jumper? A cropped jumper is the perfect way to add style to the tradition of wearing a Christmas jumper during the festive season. You’ll be the talk of the town this festive season for adding a unique spin to the traditional Christmas jumper. 

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